New Features in SharePoint 2010

These are the rough notes of a SharePoint 2010 training, I’ve attended today.

Will elaborate more on these when I get time.

High Level Features in SharePoint 2010:


  • Ribbon User Interface
  • SharePoint WorkSpace (Sync Framework)
  • SharePoint Mobile
  • Standard Support


  • Rating
  • Inline editing support for Wiki Pages/Blogs
  • RSS Activity Feeds (Similar to Alerts but feed based)


  • Business Data Connectivity Services
  • External List
  • Silverlight and AJAX Support
  • Workflow (Site Level and Workflow draft)
  • SharePoint Designer Changes
  • Visual Studio 2010 Support
  • Event receivers enhanced (Site deletion/Web App Provision/Deletion etc.,)
  • User Interfaces
  • API Enhancement - LINQ to SharePoint/ COM & REST/ATOM


  • Social Relevance and Ranking
  • Phonetic Search (examples B2B etc.,)
  • Better Search Navigation
  • FAST Integration
  • Extensible framework - Search Connector Framework


  • Performance Point Services
  • Excel Services
  • Visio Services (Web Browser Support)
  • 2D/3D Chart Web parts
  • SQL Server BI Technologies Integration
  • Power Pivot


  • Audio/Video content types for streaming
  • Digital Media Assets for DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  • Document Set
  • Tagging/Tag clouds & Taxonomies
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Org Browser
  • Profiles- Other directories integration


Developer Features in SharePoint 2010:

  • Large List Throttling
  • Referential Integrity & Join support to List Columns
  • Event Receivers support to Custom Error Pages
  • Ranking Support
  • Validation Support to List and Columns
  • Event Receiver Post Synchronous Execution Support
  • VS 2010 Projects, Item Templates for Lists/Schema Definitions
  • BDC services support for column definitions
  • Visio Based workflow design support
  • Reusable workflow support
  • Site Workflow support - Capture Site Events
  • VS 2010 Project Item Templates for Workflow Customization of UX
  • Developer Dashboard for Debugging/ Tracing
  • Silverlight Web part Support
  • PowerPoint based Theme Design
  • Theme Preview Support
  • API Enhancements
    • Client Object Model
    • LINQ to SharePoint
    • ADO.NET Data Services/ Web Services/ REST
    • Silverlight Client Object Model
    • ECMA Script library support
  • Application services Architecture (SSP - Not extensible for custom services. Everything or none)
    • Scalable - Shared across farms
    • Extensible
    • On demand basis usage
    • Access Services
    • Business Data Connection Services
    • Excel Calculation Services
    • Metadata Management Services
  • Claims based Authentication Support
  • Unified Logging Services & Correlation ID Support
  • Resource Governance/ Throttling
  • Record Management Features (at Site Collection Level)
  • Multi lingual Support in the same site instead of Variations
  • Audio/Video Content Types – Streaming
  • Document Set
  • Remote Blob Storage Support (for large files)
  • Visio/Excel/Word/Access Webpage
  • Profile Import - Sources Enhanced (AD, LDAP,BDC, Custom)
  • Sandboxed solution deployment support
  • Health Monitoring Support
  • End to End PowerShell Support. More than 500 cmdlets
  • SCOM Management Pack Support

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  1. Avi says:

    Most of the new features listed concisely. Really a great post and it could be a reference to find a new feature and explore in more detail.

    From last one month I was also managing some time to explore new features in sharepoint 2010. I have posted my findings at…/sharepoint-2010-explore-new-features-and-enhancements-part1.aspx…/sharepoint-2010-explore-new-features-and-enhancements-part2.aspx

    You can also find a little description about all the new features I have posted.

  2. Tania says:

    Sharepoint has many features and i have read it in many blogs. But this blog is totally different. you have explained "Developer Features in SharePoint 2010", which is somewhat different and interesting to read. I got lots of new info from this blog. Thanks for making us knowledgeable persons in sharepoint2010.

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