Publishing Pages Page Layout URL issue after exporting a site

I’ve recently tried exporting a site and importing it in a different location in the client’s place. I’ve noticed that after exporting the site, all the pages still have the reference to the page layout in the old server.

After a bit of search, found that this issue was fixed in the April Cumulative update for WSS V3 and MOSS 2007



You already have an implementation to fix the above issue at the following places

I’ve used the Gary Lapointe’s solution, since I have the extensions installed.

Just run the command,

stsadm –o gl-fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl –url "http://intranet/" -scope webapplication   (Web application Scope)


stsadm -o gl-fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl -url "http://intranet" -scope site -pagelayout http://intranet/_catalogs/masterpage/WelcomeLinks.aspx, /_catalogs/masterpage/WelcomeLinks.aspx (Page Scope)

and you are good to go!!

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