Say goodbye to 2008 with 10 HPC web casts

It’s the last day of 2008, and I am uploading some of the web casts that we have done for HPC in the last year.   All available at: (may take a day to fully show up, the the links below should work) HPC SERVER 2008 – 2008 PARTNER AND MS WEBCASTS: Bringing speed and…


We are HPCs @ PDC

I am at Microsoft PDC this week, demonstrating the Microsoft HPCS Server 2008.  Please come by the Parallel computing booth and talk to us.   I will be distributing the HPC technical resource kit on a thumb drive at the booth and for everyone that attends the HPC talk on Tuesday right after Lunch.


HPC Resource Kit

Yes, it’s ready!   I have compiled a 70 item kit full of white papers, presentations, videos, and tutorial samples.  Took me nearly 3 months to collect, summarize, filter and distill all the materials into THE most comprehensive windows HPC resource kit that you’ll find anywhere! I have thumb drives available upon request.  You can also…


No scientist left behind with CRAY Supercomputer running Windows HPC Server 2008

Many people are still wondering exactly what Windows HPC Server 2008 is.  On the launch day of the Windows HPC Server 2008.  I promise this is the only blog you’ll need to read if you are new to the product. In one line: MSMPI + Scheduler + WCF broker + Windows productivity story = HPC++ …


Running PETSC on windows

  PETSc, stands for portable, extensible toolkit for scientific computation, it is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations.  It employs the MPI standard for all message-passing communication.  There are hundreds of applications that uses petsc in the area of nano-simulation, medical,…


Porting your HPC Code to Windows

One of the most frequent questions I get when I talk to customers is, what is my best option for porting my Linux HPC code to windows…  As a cross platform developer for the last few years, I had to make sure codes worked on mac/various linux/windows/unix platforms, and it can be a major headache…


Windows HPC Server 2008 Management, Monitoring and Diagnostics

I uploaded two more videos on Technet/Edge.  They are worth watching if you are interesting in an overview on the Windows HPC Admin Console.  The powerful integrated solution enables system administrators to do their common tasks all under one GUI. Monitoring and managing a large scale cluster often requires advanced tooling. System Administrators demand tools…


HPC Basic Profile Videos

HPC Basic Profile Web Service or the HPCBP for short, is a web service, built using the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) that provides access to some of HPCS 2008’s core job submission functionality.  Over the last few years, using an open process within the Open Grid Forum (OGF), developers from industry and research from both…


A Unix to Windows porting topic: Threads and Processes

Any Intro to Unix class teaches students about the beauty of fork() exec(), the two classic calls that allow a user to create a child process.  While creating processes on Unix systems are common, creating new processes under the win32 API is a very expensive operation.  Thus, it is always better to make your application…


Microsoft MPI Stack Explained

The Microsoft HPC solution comes with an enhanced MPI stack. For sure, it is not the only MPI stack that runs on windows.  ANL has an mpich2 mpi stack, so does HP.  How does MSMPI differ from the ANL one, of which it is based on?  1.  MSMPI comes in both 32bit and 64bit.  That…