HPC Web cast Marathon into 2009!



High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters: Reduce Complexity with IBM and Microsoft  

Please join us for an informative and exciting webcast with IBM and Microsoft.  No matter where you are located in the world, IBM has an HPC cluster solution that is easy to deploy.  Learn how IBM can help you reduce the risk and manage growth more easily with the pre-tested, easy-to-deply, easy-to-manage IBM Cluster 1350 solution, and how when combined with Windows HPC Server 2008 you can leverage your current Windows server expertise to accelerate your time to insight on computational analysis.  Whether you are a financial analyst or engineer our Windows based HPC cluster will meet the demand of your computational needs.  Register today:

Windows HPC Server 2008 environment with System Center Operations Manager 2007: A Dynamic Integration

For HPC Fans:  Discover how to integrate your Windows HPC Server 2008 environment with System Center Ops Mgr 2007 (SC0M 2007), to leverage a new way of dynamic management and reporting.  You'll learn what can be done by using the regular Compute Cluster Server  Management Pack to monitor a cluster and how to leverage the Windows 2003 Management Pack and Job Scheduler to understand why a job failed.  Learn how to build custom reports with SCOM 2007 and Windows HPC Server 2008 and see how the integration works. Finally, get a sneak peek into what  will be done in the Windows HPC Server 2008 Management Pack.   Join us today for this informative and highly productive webcast! 

Windows HPC Server 2008 - New and Advanced Features

Look-- no slides just kick the tires!   Want to find out what's new in Windows HPC Server 2008 and what exactly is "High Productivity Computing"?  Join us for an exciting look into Windows HPC Server 2008.  We'll take you on a tour of this new version of Windows Compute Cluster Server, highlighting the major advancements in deployment, management, interoperability and scheduling.  We promise no slides and tons of live demonstrations plus a lively discussion on how Windows HPC Server 20008 will increase your cluster administrators' productivity.   

Scaling up Analysis using Windows HPC Server 2008 presented by Ansys

Join Microsoft and Ansys for an informative HPC webcast.  Moving from desktop computing to a cluster can expand the scope of simulation, allowing more simulation studies and reducing the turnaround time for larger models. This presentation will review the performance of simulation software from ANSYS on Windows HPC Server 2008 and highlight customer experiences with cluster deployment based on Windows.

Leveraging Computational Features of Windows HPC Server 2008 using the IMSL® Numerical Libraries with Visual Numerics & Microsoft

Windows HPC Server 2008 is a key component in supporting the development of high performance computational applications within a rich development environment.  New capabilities support the development of high performance computing (HPC) applications in a variety of languages such as C/C++, Fortran, and .NET for both multi-threaded and multi-node computing.   This presentation will focus on the computation algorithm support for developing HPC applications using the IMSL Numerical Libraries with Windows HPC Server 2008.  An example for leveraging a multi-tiered computing environment will be included.

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