Demo Image XII: SQL 2012

Latest and greatest All up Microsoft BI Demo image is located here Also hosted version is here  

Project Barcelona (again)

check this out for what is coming…btw, it is in CTP1 release now.

Windows 8

i can think of a few cool BI scenarios with this new UI [View:]

Fuzzy Lookup Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010

New Project from MS Labs. Takes the fuzzy lookup functionality out of SSIS and puts into Excel 2010. Could be useful for cleansing PowerPivot models. More info here Download here

Project Barcelona

Another cool project starting up at Microsoft. Looks interesting. Find out more here


SharePoint Diagnostics Studio

The SharePoint Diagnostics Studio available in the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit v2.0, presents server diagnostic information in a visual and structured way that enables Developers and IT Professionals to quickly diagnose and act upon intermittent performance, reliability and functionality problems in a SharePoint 2010 environment – surfacing every request, across every machine, remotely, with minimal…

Visio Forward Engineer

Came across a cool add in to Visio to model and create databases. Download it here