Microsoft SAP Resources

Here are some great Microsoft SAP resources

SAP and SAP BW data in PowerPivot

SAP HANA data in PowerPivot

Microsoft Connector

BizTalk Adapter

XML/A Provider with .NET

SAP Excel ODBO connector, see:

Multiple SAP BI interoperability papers

SSIS and SAP BI White Paper

SSRS and SAP NetWeaver BI Technical Article

Microsoft .NET and SAP - Interoperability

SAP Business Information Warehouse:  

ODBO flattening algorithm:

Comments (2)

  1. Lash says:


    Have you done any scenarios extracting data from SSIS to SAP BW? The link which you have posted does not have detail information and there are many things missing. If you have any guidelines please post it.


  2. Jorge says:

    The second resource is actually SAP data in PivotTable (not PowerPivot as stated above) 🙂

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