More Powershell Fun – AppX Package Dependencies

After a recent inquiry and a little thought, you can find all the packages registered for the current user with dependencies on framework packages. powershell -c “ForEach ($p in $(Get-AppxPackage)) { ForEach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + ‘ — ‘ + $p.packagefullname } }”

Announcing Hasher!

Shameless plug: I iz a Windows store app developer 🙂 Hasher is up on the Windows store. It’s a little app I wrote in my spare time, to learn more about writing Windows store apps (I build the plumbing behind them, so it’s always useful to see the other side of the fence as it…

Powershell fun – Parsing for Protocols Redux

That problem I’d previously mentioned? Turns out I had a bad package registered for some old VS project. Remove-AppxPackage <packagefullname> and voila! No more error. My original command powershell -c “ForEach ($p in $(Get-AppxPackage)) { ForEach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + ‘ — ‘ + $p.packagefullname } }” One suggested alternative in the…

Powershell fun – Parsing for Protocols

I was looking for what protocols are registered by my installed AppX packages and figured out a 1-liner Powershell script to do it powershell -c “foreach ($p in $(get-appxpackage)) { foreach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + ‘ — ‘ + $p.packagefullname } }” Hey, I never said it’d be pretty 🙂 This dumps…

35 minutes

That’s how long it took my new PC to upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro. That’s from the initial launching setup from DVD, reboots and getting through the first login prompt to the Start screen. The SSD had ~100GB used before I started. I now see C:\Windows = 19GB and C:\Windows.old=23GB. Very sweet.


Windows 8 – Never Clean Install Again

I realized I touched on something in my last post that’s quite profound but likely not so obvious: My only mistake was installing Win 7. I didn’t realize Win 8 was already available to MSDN Subscribers (as of Aug’15!) else I’d have just gone Win8 Pro from the start. But it’s a quick and reliable upgrade, so I’ll fire…


New PC!

Last year one evening the Mrs turned to me and asked, don’t I need a new computer? God I love that woman <g> Daddy’s computer is usually a desktop, and usually made from parts: I need a box to surf, run Office, do a little development, and game. And usually not (or not primarily) bleeding…


Fiddler and Windows 8 Metro-style applications

Eric Law posted details on how to get Fiddler to work with new Windows 8 Metro style applications: Over on StackOverflow, a new Windows 8 user asked how to get Fiddler working with new Windows 8 Metro-style applications. These applications work somewhat differently than classic desktop applications, and require a bit of special configuration work…