Announcing Hasher!

Shameless plug: I iz a Windows store app developer 🙂 Hasher is up on the Windows store. It’s a little app I wrote in my spare time, to learn more about writing Windows store apps (I build the plumbing behind them, so it’s always useful to see the other side of the fence as it…

Announcing Hasher.WF

Thought I’d drop a note about how I’ve spent some of my time since acquiring the new PC. Hasher.WF is a Windows application that hashes data from a variety of sources. Multiple algorithms and options, written in C# and .NET Framework 4.5 with Visual Studio 2012. Full source code available for the interested. Check out Hasher.WF for…

Fiddler and Windows 8 Metro-style applications

Eric Law posted details on how to get Fiddler to work with new Windows 8 Metro style applications: Over on StackOverflow, a new Windows 8 user asked how to get Fiddler working with new Windows 8 Metro-style applications. These applications work somewhat differently than classic desktop applications, and require a bit of special configuration work…


TwitterKeys is a nifty bookmarklet that let’s you insert emoticons from a pick list, as long as the target supports UTF-8. Twitter does, though this tool has nothing to do with Twitter per-se. I ♥ TwitterKeys™ so ♛ and mate☺ For those who prefer the browser to Windows’ Character Map (charmap.exe) tool.

WebKit2 = WebKit + ProcessIsolation  It ain’t just for Chrome anymore. Neat.

Windows Integrity Levels

Explains the basis behind UAC (among other things). I’ve heard of ‘integrity levels’ but this is the first meat I’ve seen about them. Plus links to chml and regil, utilities to view and manage integrity levels. Handy.


LoadLibrary Explorer

Handy little spelunker to itneractively exercise LoadLibrary/Ex in all their various permutations. [Update 2009-12-06] LoadLibraryExplorer is a C++ application in source-only form (no precompiled bits), with build bits for Visual Studio 2005. Loading into VS2K8 isn’t enough; secure CRT needs to be turned off, and some of the code is just plain buggered and doesn’t…

Memory Usage via Task Manager

Ever wondered which columns in Task Manager mean “memory in use”? I stumbled over a simple, clear definition (finally): “Memory usage” = working set “Virtual memory” = committed memory First time I ever found a simple definition, and I (like many) have used Task Manager for years. Understanding is a good thing. Technorati : Memory…


Screen capture utility. Disclaimer: I’ve only bfriefly pawed at it, but looks promising.

Disk2vhd by SysInternals

Gotta luv those guys: Just released on TechNet is Disk2vhd, which is designed to create .vhd image files from physical hard drives. Like many other Sysinternals apps, Disk2vhd is tiny, free, and fully portable. It’s also available on so you can run it right over the internet should you forget your trusty flash drive…