Python Cool Tricks

Nice. Some are exotic, but list comprehensions, the empty string trick are commonly handy, and the json pretty-printing maybe less so but good to know. The note about dir() and help() are great if you’re not already familiar (you should be). The Python enum trick is a new one by me: class PlayerRanking: Bolt, Green, Johnson,…

Scott Hanselman’s 2009 Tool List

Excellent round up of utilities, web sites and more for developers and power users. Only thing he missed is TSE 🙂


I !(heart) Rails

Ruby on Rails does some nifty things, trying to lull you into a false sense of submission – and then it springs this on you. For those unfamiliar with the glory and the horror that is RoR, let me enlighten you… Rails can parse incoming XML and hand it to you as a Hash. Makes…