More Powershell Fun – AppX Package Dependencies

After a recent inquiry and a little thought, you can find all the packages registered for the current user with dependencies on framework packages. powershell -c “ForEach ($p in $(Get-AppxPackage)) { ForEach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + ‘ — ‘ + $p.packagefullname } }”

Powershell fun – Parsing for Protocols Redux

That problem I’d previously mentioned? Turns out I had a bad package registered for some old VS project. Remove-AppxPackage <packagefullname> and voila! No more error. My original command powershell -c “ForEach ($p in $(Get-AppxPackage)) { ForEach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + ‘ — ‘ + $p.packagefullname } }” One suggested alternative in the…

Powershell fun – Parsing for Protocols

I was looking for what protocols are registered by my installed AppX packages and figured out a 1-liner Powershell script to do it powershell -c “foreach ($p in $(get-appxpackage)) { foreach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + ‘ — ‘ + $p.packagefullname } }” Hey, I never said it’d be pretty 🙂 This dumps…

argparse = OptParse++

Looks like someone built a better mousetrap for command-line parsing in Python. Unfortunately, OptParse is already pretty good, argparse is better but not significantly for most folks, and OptParse is already in the standard Python Library (has been for years). Makes it hard to untrench the incumbent.