Unicode Escape Formats

The escape syntax for Unicode characters in every language, format and notation I’ve ever seen, and quite a few beyond. Handy.

And Audio, of course

New PC. Splurged for a new keyboard. But I’m not quite done yet. I’ve been looking at headsets for nearly a year, even since I saw the Turtle Beach XP400 at a local Gamestop. My office at home is on the main floor, but sound carries. And I have 2 children who are often watching TV…


New PC needs a New Keyboard

I’ve been using a Microsoft Natural Keyboard (orginal – v1) for ages. My 3rd one, actually. Been lasting quite a while too. But I’ve been lusting after a good mechanical keyboard for a while, a figured the new PC was a good time to splurge. I looked at the Rosewill RK-9000 models. That review will…


Announcing Hasher.WF

Thought I’d drop a note about how I’ve spent some of my time since acquiring the new PC. Hasher.WF is a Windows application that hashes data from a variety of sources. Multiple algorithms and options, written in C# and .NET Framework 4.5 with Visual Studio 2012. Full source code available for the interested. Check out Hasher.WF for…


35 minutes

That’s how long it took my new PC to upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro. That’s from the initial launching setup from DVD, reboots and getting through the first login prompt to the Start screen. The SSD had ~100GB used before I started. I now see C:\Windows = 19GB and C:\Windows.old=23GB. Very sweet.


Windows 8 – Never Clean Install Again

I realized I touched on something in my last post that’s quite profound but likely not so obvious: My only mistake was installing Win 7. I didn’t realize Win 8 was already available to MSDN Subscribers (as of Aug’15!) else I’d have just gone Win8 Pro from the start. But it’s a quick and reliable upgrade, so I’ll fire…


New PC!

Last year one evening the Mrs turned to me and asked, don’t I need a new computer? God I love that woman <g> Daddy’s computer is usually a desktop, and usually made from parts: I need a box to surf, run Office, do a little development, and game. And usually not (or not primarily) bleeding…



WAIK = Windows Automated Installation Kit (what used to be called the unattended setup kit)