XHTML 2 Cancelled

The charter for the XHTML2 Working Group — set to expire on December 31st, 2009 and will not be renewed. Hurray!

I was never much of a fan of XHTML. HTML was hugely successfully because it was rather loose in what it accepts. Very approachable and modestly forgiving. XHTML was an XML purists delight, but unlike HTML where a missing tag would botch the page but often still mostly legible, any XHTML document that's not well-formed simply renders nothing. Zip. Nada. Bupkus.

Or as one comment summarized, HTML lets any dyslexic illiterate create web pages the browser has to try to understand, whereas XHTML requires the user to work the way the tool wants. Sorry Charlie. 'Taint Skynet. Machines are supposed to be here to make peoples lives easier, not the other way around.

Good riddance XHTML. Welcome HTML5 🙂

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  1. jackbond says:

    I’m sure HTML5 will be fantastic when it is ratified in 2022. 🙂

    Good riddance HTML5. Welcome Silverlight 3.

  2. howardk says:

    Well @jackbond, 2022 might not be a bad estimate if the W3C is running things. Fortunately, HTML5 seems more ‘user driven’ (where ‘user’ includes ‘vendor), much more like ‘the old days’. Many of the people behind HTML5 are the ones who are actively working with DHTML and would like to see it advance. Pragmatic, hands-on, ‘applied’ people *DOING* things. Not just a bunch of academics sitting around theorizing where things ‘should’ head. WebKit already has support for parts of HTML5, and others are heading there. Ratification of a W3C standard takes time, procedurally at a minimum. I believe the bylaws have something about requiring not just standards but tests and 2 interoperable implmentations.

    But yes, by all means, welcome Silverlight 3. I’ve liked what I’ve seen to date, and hope to get my hands dirty with it sooner than later. Anyhoo, there’s some overlap between Silverlight and DHTML, but Silverlight’s much more of a direct competitor for Flash, AIR and Java FX. Though only Flash is a real option in that pack, IMO. Air’s uptake seems rather thin to date, and Sun^H^H^HOracle may talk up JavaFX, but dear lord I’ve rarely seen such a horrid solution. As I’ve said in the past. See http://kapustein.com/blog/?p=1008 for more details.

    And Silverlight has one huge plus going for it IMO: DHTML means Javascript, but with Silverlight you can use (Iron)Python 🙂

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