I (heart) Knuth

From Donald E. Knuth’s Wikipedia page: To explain the concept, Knuth intentionally referred ‘Circular definition’ and ‘Definition, circular’ to each other in the index of The Art of Computer Programming Vol. 1 . Technorati : humor Del.icio.us : humor Zooomr : humor Flickr : humor


Phillips head screws

Totally random but fascinating historical factoid I never knew: The Phillips head was developed for use in automated manufacture – it’s designed so that the machine driving it will tend to slip the slots rather than over-torque the screw. And for that purpose it works really well. What it wasn’t designed for is screwing by…



exFAT, aka FAT64, is a significant revision of the FAT32 design, for current and future needs (specifically, mobile storage like USB flash keys and the like). Lots of improvements beyond raw storage size, e.g. timestamps with 10ms granularity. The Wikipedia page also has a link to Microsoft’s WinHEC presentation laying out the improvements and rationales in…


Windows Integrity Levels

Explains the basis behind UAC (among other things). I’ve heard of ‘integrity levels’ but this is the first meat I’ve seen about them. Plus links to chml and regil, utilities to view and manage integrity levels. Handy.


LoadLibrary Explorer

Handy little spelunker to itneractively exercise LoadLibrary/Ex in all their various permutations. [Update 2009-12-06] LoadLibraryExplorer is a C++ application in source-only form (no precompiled bits), with build bits for Visual Studio 2005. Loading into VS2K8 isn’t enough; secure CRT needs to be turned off, and some of the code is just plain buggered and doesn’t…


The Secret to Effective Management

Words of wisdom: Trust but verify Now you are extremely busy and have a new task. Perhaps you negotiated with your manager for help from other people. Unfortunately, those people are clueless. They’re not going to do it right, which is to say, they’re not going to do it the way you would. What do…


Memory Usage via Task Manager

Ever wondered which columns in Task Manager mean “memory in use”? I stumbled over a simple, clear definition (finally): “Memory usage” = working set “Virtual memory” = committed memory First time I ever found a simple definition, and I (like many) have used Task Manager for years. Understanding is a good thing. Technorati : Memory…


Exploding Software-Engineering Myths

Microsoft Research Redmond did an empirical study of software-development processes, providing some quantitative analysis of some common beliefs about software development. The article’s an interesting read, but I’ll summarize the key findings: Code Coverage: More isn’t always better – “given constraints, it is more beneficial to achieve higher code coverage of more complex code than…