Remove “Access App” from “Add an app” page in SharePoint

In order to add a new list or a SharePoint app to a SharePoint site you go to Site Content and click on Add an app. You can also get there through the site action menu.

One of the apps that shows up out of the box is the “Access App”:


If you haven’t configured access services yet in your farm or don’t want users to create new Access Apps you can remove this tile from the list of apps that you can add. In order to do this you need to disable a hidden feature called “AccSvcAddAccessApp”:

To do that you need to run the following PowerShell command:

Disable-SPFeature -Url http://SITE_URL -Identity d2b9ec23-526b-42c5-87b6-852bd83e0364


http://SITE_URL --> Is the URL of the SharePoint Site where you want to remove “Access App” from.

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