Excel 2007 – How to connect to and import data from an XML Web Service

Many organizations have adopted a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the architecture of choice. SOA allows a company to expose its services and data in a manner that is compliant with industry standards. SOA is the buzzword these days. Down the wire of SOA is XML data that is exchanged between entities. Microsoft Office Excel 2007…


My arsenal of resources for development on top of SQL Server and the Visual Studio Team System

Hello, everyone Just wanted to share my arsenal of great resources I use during my development and proof of concept engagements with my customers. Hope you find these resources useful. Visual Studio Team System for Database Professionals  I use Visual Studio Team System for Database Professionals a lot. I find it very useful and beneficial….


SQL Server Books online now searchable using Live.com

I wonder about you, but I love the new live.com search engine. It’s fast, reliable, and is returning more accurate results every time I use it. I was hoping we can come up with something that could make using Live.com even better. Now, with the help of Dirk Meyers, SQL Server Books Online is now…

Hovsep’s SQL Server Favourite Bookmarks – Developer

Hello, Everyone Just wanted to share with you my favourite bookmarks to websites, articles and blogs on SQL Server from a Developer’s perspective. I hope you like these and are willing to share yours with the rest of the world. My personal favourite tool is of course the Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Developers….

Welcome to my blogs

Hi, Welcome to my blog. I’ll be using this blog to post my ideas, tips, tricks, etc. and share my knowledge with you, the Developer, about Microsoft’s Applications Platform and its components. Since I live in Kuwait, I’ll be posting some information in Arabic. If you cannot read the Arabic text below, please make sure your…