MSDN Webcast: Host Integration Server 2006 Data Providers DB2 (Level 200)

Many enterprise organizations rely on IBM DB2 relational database servers to store their vital line-of-business (LOB) information. Enterprise developers must continually deliver new applications that require real-time access to these DB2 information stores, without compromising security or run time efficiency. In this webcast, we examine methods for direct data access to DB2, including industry-standard XML-based data integration services. Join us to learn how you can intelligently design and securely deliver scalable DB2 integration solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006, including the new Microsoft .NET Framework Data Provider for DB2.

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  1. Ashwani26 says:


    I have accessed DB2 data from the Mainframe using HIS 2006.


    – Created table on DB2 Mainframe

    – Created a data source using Data access tool for DB2/MVS

    – Used the connection string of the Data source and used it in the server explorer of Visual studio 2005.

    I want to check the performance of HIS by using Perfmon Counters. But even after doing all this I am not getting any data in any of the counters.

    Am I doing any thing wrong or missing any thing? Please let me know the work around for that if any..

    Thanks in Advance

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