Customer Experience Program Participation

What does the Customer Experience Program mean to Host Integration Server?  In the 2006 release, we included technologies which allow customers to participate in the Host Integration Server Customer Experience Program.  The Customer Experience Program allows for direct feedback between the customer and the product team.

What is the Customer Experience Program?

Microsoft has a page dedicated to the Customer Experience Program located at  It goes into the details of what the program is and how it works.

How does Host Integration Server implement the Customer Experience Program?

Host Integration implemented the Customer Experience Program (CEIP) to gather information in this release around setup and configuration technologies.  The CEIP program refers to the information sent back from customers as datapoints.  In Host Integration Server 2006, we collect datapoints around platform (including things like MMC version, OS Version, MSI version), features installed, and product edition installed just to name a few.  

 What we do with the information from the Customer Experience Program?

The datapoints we gather alone in the Host Integration Server 2006 release is giving us information on "how" customers are setting up our product.  The information feeds directly into the specification process for the setup and configuration process for the next release as well as our testing matrix.

How has the data already helped the product team?  We believed when we shipped the product that the feature tree structure and selections were very close to the default install most customers use.  What has the data told us?  In the top three installation scenarios, we were correct but there are a number of other scenarios that we didn't foresee.

 How can you help?

Please consider opting into the Customer Experience Program during the Setup process for both the BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems and Host Integration Server products.  We include in the unattended install a way to opt into the program.  The information that you send to us is really helping make a difference in the way we approach product design. 

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