Final Build for Host Integration Server 2006

We have hit the final milestone for Host Integration Server 2006.  The build is in Final Media validation.  What does that mean?  We are done with the release.  Codenamed "Dawson", Host Integration Server 2006 and BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems has been a two year project.  Here are some of some of the new technologies included in this release:

  •  BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems
    The BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems include adapters for the Transaction and Data Integration components of Host Integration Server.  There are actual adapters for Transaction Integrator, DB2, and Host Files which allow BizTalk to interact with Host Applications easier. 

  • Manged Data Provider Enhancements
    The Data Integration space has added a new .NET 2.0 data provider for Host Files which include VSAM, PDS, PDSE, and AS/400 file systems. 

  • Visual Studio Explorer for DB2
    The Managed Provider for DB2 was enhancement to support the Visual Studio extensions for Server Explorer.  Now, you can browse DB2 information within Visual Studio exactly like you can SQL Server information.

  • Discriminated Unions
    Host developers have always created dynamic redefines in COBOL and RPG overlays.  Now, Host Integration Server can import those definitions and using a "discriminate" field can expose that windows applications.  Both the Transaction Integrator and Managed Provider for Host Files can use this technology to better integrate with Host Applications.

  • Session Integrator
    Session Integrator is a new technology to Host Integration Server but a very well known one in the industry more commonly called "Screen Scraping".  In this release, Session Integrator exposes both .NET 2.0 and COM APIs for developers to integrate with legacy green screen applications. 

  • Native x64 platform support
    All of the components of Host Integration Server have been ported to the x64 platform in addition to the x86 platform. In addition, there is limited Side-by-Side support for 32bit applications running x64 platforms. 

  • Visual Studio 2005 support
    The entire product is built using the Visual Studio 2005 tool set using all of the new secure APIs and compiler/linker switches.  Visual Studio 2005 was a major leap forward in security for code and Host Integration Server has taken advantage of that.  In addition all of the managed libraries for Host Integration Server as well as the Host Integration Server Designer were brought up to the Visual Studio 2005 level.  Unfortunately, there is no support for Visual Studio 2003 within the Host Integration Server 2006 product. 

In addition to these,These are just a few of the many features the team has worked on over the last 2 years that are being delivered in the release.  Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at the new technologies in more depth. 

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    I actually have a question about this product and can not find a good place where to ask that question, so here it is. I assume that HIS 2006 is installed on a server, in that case how do developers use HIS 2006? What is a typical setup for that?

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