MemoRx incorrectly displaying VM overlap in pre-release Windows Mobile versions

Many OEM’s have already noticed that Memory Doctor doesn’t correctly represent VM overlap in some pre-release versions of Windows Mobile. There have been some changes in WM VM architecture that contradict an assumption made by MemoRx which results in potential incorrect reporting. MemoRx will continue to work well in officially release versions of Windows Mobile. …


Passive KITL to the rescue

I’m sure many of you have been in a situation where your device hangs during field testing. Or sometimes you are trying to track down a problem which only repros at a certain location. The best thing you can have in these situations is, of course, a live KITL connection to the device. This can be challenging at…


Running Platform Builder 6 on Vista

There are a lot of people that afraid to switch of Vista because they are afraid that their stuff will not work. Well truth be told, I’ve been running Vista+VS2005_SP1+PB6 since March of this year and haven’t had any major problems. The only two problems I had was: 1. If the device doesn’t have Vista compatible driver…


Where did Callstacks go from the Hopper logs?

If you upgraded from an older version of Hopper to a more recent one, you probably noticed that the callstacks are gone from the Hopper logs. We made them optional for two reasons: 1. Printing out callstacks slowed down the run significantly 2. They did not provide a lot of value, because the callstacks were…


Why my private binaries do not show up in the image?

Why my private binaries do not show up in the image? I’ve been asked this question too many times by now. Many partners when testing their private changes have to figure it out the hard way. The reason why your updated binary doesn’t show up in the image is because by default make image picks…


How to get work done while building the tree

  Over past several months I’ve noticed that when our partners come here onsite. They like to build Windows Mobile images on their laptops while trying to get other work done at the same time. The problem with that is when compiler, linker, etc. do their job they slow down the computer significantly because there…


WM6 != CE6

There has been some confusion around the OS version supporting Windows Mobile 6. Sue Loh does an excellent job explaining the differences and even some of the “why” in the CE Base team blog. There is additional helpful information in the Comments section that is worth the read.


DevHealth’s mysterious dup(d) type explained

If you run DevHealth on your devices you probably saw dup(d) on the page summary for a process or a dll. It looks something like this: === lap_pw.dll page summary: code=0[rom(C):0 ram(c):0] data r/o(R)=0 r/w=0[ro(r)=0 rw(W)=0 exe(E)=0 dll(D)=0 heap(H)=0] page(p)=0 stack(S)=0 dup(d)=0 unknown(?)=0 obj(O)=0 reserved(-)=23 A lot of times it equals 0 but sometimes you…