MemoRx incorrectly displaying VM overlap in pre-release Windows Mobile versions

Many OEM’s have already noticed that Memory Doctor doesn’t correctly represent VM overlap in some pre-release versions of Windows Mobile. There have been some changes in WM VM architecture that contradict an assumption made by MemoRx which results in potential incorrect reporting. MemoRx will continue to work well in officially release versions of Windows Mobile. …


Saving VM by using OEMDRIVERSHIGH package

The release of Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) gave us a few more tools for dealing with Virtual Memory (VM) issues. Compaction of slot 1 is new for WM6, in previous releases all slot 1 modules were aligned on 64k boundaries, causing VM address space to be wasted when modules sizes aren’t perfectly divisible by the…


WM6 != CE6

There has been some confusion around the OS version supporting Windows Mobile 6. Sue Loh does an excellent job explaining the differences and even some of the “why” in the CE Base team blog. There is additional helpful information in the Comments section that is worth the read.