WM6 != CE6

There has been some confusion around the OS version supporting Windows Mobile 6. Sue Loh does an excellent job explaining the differences and even some of the “why” in the CE Base team blog. There is additional helpful information in the Comments section that is worth the read.


Map File Breakpoints

While debugging, I am often faced with trying to set breakpoints in module code that I do not control. Said modules rarely have current symbols and access to source files either not possible or practical. I usually face these issues armed only with a call stack and a [possibly ancient] map file in which to…


Oh… please make it stop!

I was recently challenged by trying to collect retail device data and needed a way to stop Hopper. I was running on a standalone device and an unexpected error dialog popped up and Hopper dismissed the dialog before I could take a look. The documentation says I can us the /k option to stop Hopper,…


MEDC 2007 Call For Papers Issued!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to educate developers, device makers, business & marketing decision makers and IT Professionals on delivering compelling devices, experiences, and cool applications?  Well, Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference might be your chance to prove it.  We’re looking for experienced conference presenters who have built and deployed mobile…


The Cat Parade

It has been said that trying to keep Hopper focused on a single application is like trying to get cats to walk in a parade (very difficult). The problem is Hopper is designed from its foundation to stress the entire system and never stay in one place too long – its job is to move…


Logger.exe is no substitute for a KITL debugger connection

This entry is dedicated to my readers troubled by Logger.exe and its sometimes incomplete log files. I carefully review all comments made to HoppeRx and Logger.exe (and its issues) appear to be a recurring theme.   For those unfamiliar with the tool, Logger.exe is a lightweight utility shipped with the Logo Test Kit that will…


HangRx finally Available on Jetstream!

After some wrangling with legal, I can finally announce that HangRx (see post below) has been released to Jetstream and eagerly awaiting its new home on your devices. You can pull it from the HangRx directory under Powertoys. I would like to remind everyone there is no official support for this tool either implied or…


HangRx – Proactive debugging solution for stability ailments.

A new tool has been developed to help detect and identify stability issues in real time. This proactive debugging is a change from traditional thinking where you run the device down and try to determine the root cause, often long after the original problem occurred.   HangRx.exe is installed soon after boot and lies dormant…


Fingers and toes

  Several of our account managers were out and about with some free time on their digits…     Contest: If you can identify the owner of the hands in this picture, I will send you official JDP Silly-putty that will help mute Hopper runs (while supplies last).


Not all Watson dumps are created equal (Watson part II)

The second installment of Watson will focus on the type of dump created during error reporting. Watson will chose one of the following depending on system settings and resources available – the significant difference between them is size required to process and store the dump.   Many Watson settings are stored in the registry, but…