Understanding Output From “meminfo kernel”

I was debugging a weird hang at device boot and I used the command “meminfo kernel” in CeDebugX to get more info, but I realized right away that I didn’t know what this command was showing me.  So, I did a bit of investigation into what the output meant and thought I’d write down what…


How to load mismatched PDBs in Platform Builder

I don’t know how many times I wished Platform Builder had an option to load PDB files with timestamps that do not match my executable. This option was available for desktop users for decades. Windbg and other desktop debuggers can do it without problems. Mobile users didn’t have that ability until recently. Platform Builder 6…


How to get work done while building the tree

  Over past several months I’ve noticed that when our partners come here onsite. They like to build Windows Mobile images on their laptops while trying to get other work done at the same time. The problem with that is when compiler, linker, etc. do their job they slow down the computer significantly because there…


Windows Mobile 6.0 Advanced Exception Filtering

Posted by Javier Flores Assad (aka “The MTTF Dude”) A new and enhanced version of “exception filtering” shipped with the Windows Mobile 6 kernel debugger. For full details follow this link:  http://blogs.msdn.com/ce_base/archive/2007/04/25/windows-mobile-6-0-advanced-exception-filtering.aspx Happy debugging!!! =)


Map File Breakpoints

While debugging, I am often faced with trying to set breakpoints in module code that I do not control. Said modules rarely have current symbols and access to source files either not possible or practical. I usually face these issues armed only with a call stack and a [possibly ancient] map file in which to…