Hopper log runtime mismatch

Establishing the correct value for Hopper runtimes can sometimes be challenging due to the number of places this value is stored. Some are reporting that the Hopper log runtime numbers at the top of the file don’t always match the values reported at the end of the file. Knowing which value to trust can save OEMs time & energy in chasing down the wrong value – here are some strategies to help:


1.       Locate the Hopper.bak file, this is ‘backup’ log file that was written 5 minutes prior to the Hopper.log – often this file contains matching values and can be trusted.


2.       Read the persisting value from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Hopper\RunTime. This value is maintained during the Hopper run and will reflect the true time the test lasted and will persist from reboots


3.       Follow the instructions provided in the LTK to establish the correct runtime. This is the 'official' way to determine runtime and is the process used most often by 3rd-party testing organizations. Re-running Hopper will conveniently read the registry value above and prompt the user with this information – this is often easier than running registry tools.


Happy Hunting!

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