Where did Callstacks go from the Hopper logs?

If you upgraded from an older version of Hopper to a more recent one, you probably noticed that the callstacks are gone from the Hopper logs.

We made them optional for two reasons:

1. Printing out callstacks slowed down the run significantly

2. They did not provide a lot of value, because the callstacks were printed out at 5 minute intervals and not at the points of interest

If you feel that you can benefit from these callstacks you can turn them back on by passing /d to Hopper.exe. To pass a switch to hopper you can use the debugger's target window. If you don't have a debugger attached you can create a link file that passes the switch to Hopper.exe. MSDN has instructions on how to create link files here

Comments (3)

  1. modern911 says:

    But we still found call stack in SOME hopper run. We were using hopper from Sep 07 LTK.

    Is there situation will automatically turn on that ?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    @modern911, ah yes it does it at the begining and the end of a run only but it doesn’t do it every 5 minutes anymore.

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