FitNFinish for Battery Life

This is the first of the FitNFinish articles that we’re planning to write.  (If you’re wondering what FitNFinish is, read this.)  As with all FitNFinish articles, the intended audience is Windows Mobile OEMs who write drivers and platform code.  End users won’t find much to help them here.

The goal of this article is to teach you how to go about investigating power consumption on your devices.  If your code is using more power than necessary, reducing that consumption is a very inexpensive and effective way to increase your battery life. 

There are two main parts to this.  First is a “Power Optimizations” document that gives an overview of how to go about finding and fixing unnecessary power drains in your device.  The document is available in both Word 2007 and Adobe Acrobat formats.  Both versions have the exact same information, so use whichever format is more convenient for you.  The second part is a tools distribution that contains a few tools referred to in the document.  Specifically, it has celog for the device and a tool to parse celog files for the desktop.  Neither tool is new, and you may already have them.  I just wanted to put them in one place to make it easier to reference them in the document.  You will find these tools under the “Logging” subdirectory.

Because the blog only allows one attachment per entry, everything is put together into the attached “FnF” file. 

I hope you find the information useful. 
Mike Calligaro


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