Introducing FitNFinish

Hello everyone.  My name is Mike Calligaro, and I’m a Development Lead in the JDP organization.  We’re going to be doing a series of documents and tools for Windows Mobile OEMs here, and we’ll be placing them under the meta tag “FitNFinish.” 

FitNFinish is a set of “best practices” that you can use in developing your devices.  These are things that our experience tells us make better phones.  For instance, there are many different ways to do caps lock on a phone with a QWERTY keyboard.  After working with a large number of different QWERTY phone devices, we’ve determined that the best way is to hit shift twice.  There will be a FitNFinish document that explains why this is as well as a tool you can use to test whether your device follows the document.  For another example, there are a number of things you can do to improve the battery life of your phone designs.  There will be a FitNFinish document that describes many of them.

These will be recommendations and suggestions, not requirements.  We believe that following our suggestions will lead to better devices, so we would like for you to do what we recommend.  However, we understand that you have good reasons for making the decisions you make, and we want to let you decide what works best for your own designs.  For that reason, these best practices will not become part of the LTK.  Please at least read the suggestions though and, if you choose not to follow them, do so for a good reason. 

If you completely disagree with any of the FitNFinish documents, we would definitely like to know your concerns.  You can post comments here or contact us through your OEM PM or TAM.  Also, if there are any topics you’d like to see us cover, please let us know. 

I hope you find FitNFinish to be useful.

Mike Calligaro

Comments (3)

  1. jxy1101 says:

    Hi Mike,

    Where can I get the FitNFinish?


  2. MikeCal says:

    Hi David,

    FitNFinish is currently being developed.  As we finish documents, we will post them to this blog.  I plan to post the first one (power optimizations) either today or tomorrow.


  3. This is the first of the FitNFinish articles that we’re planning to write. (If you’re wondering what

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