How to get work done while building the tree


Over past several months I've noticed that when our partners come here onsite. They like to build Windows Mobile images on their laptops while trying to get other work done at the same time. The problem with that is when compiler, linker, etc. do their job they slow down the computer significantly because there is a lot of compiling and disk I/O happening.


Interestingly Microsoft engineers that worked on the build process foreseen this problem. There is "secret" switch that is actually described in the documentation but not many people know about it. It runs all build processes in an idle priority. All you need to do is add "-m" to the blddemo command.


The pros of doing this you already know -- you can work without significant slowdowns while your image is building. The cons, however, are insignificant -- it might take 5 minutes longer to build the image.


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  1. angrue says:

    If the con is that insignificant, maybe it should be that way be default?

  2. jxy1101 says:

    Is it described in the documentation?  I cannot find it from the document…

  3. Jack Wong says:

    Bt the way, how is the other way to set to highest priority? We think it takes too long to makeimg/buildpkg.


  4. MSDN Archive says:


    It was insignificant from my experience but it might be different on your system. That’s why you have an option to choose.


    Sure it is all documented like I said it’s documented but not well known. Here is the link to it:


    No you can’t boost the priority, at least not easily. However if you have a multi-proc system you can use “-M” (capital m) and then specify number of processors you have. But be careful with that switch, because depending on the settings in your build environment you can run into all sorts of race conditions. Check out the documentation about it:

  5. checko says:

    這是在 HoppeRx這個blog看到的:

    How to get work done while building the tree用過platform builder 的人都知道,不管你的 pc 多厲害,在build image時,整個系統都會進入慢動作狀態,這是因為build動作佔用了大量的disk, cpu IO。MS的工程師也預知了這樣的狀況,所以預留的退路 — 但是寫在很隱晦不明的地方,就是在下blddemo這個命令時,加上 "-m " option ,這樣就會讓

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