HangRx finally Available on Jetstream!

After some wrangling with legal, I can finally announce that HangRx (see post below) has been released to Jetstream and eagerly awaiting its new home on your devices. You can pull it from the HangRx directory under Powertoys. I would like to remind everyone there is no official support for this tool either implied or otherwise and it is not to be distributed. However, users are free to post their comments/questions/problems to this blog and it will be up to the HoppeRx community to respond.


I also regretfully mention that this tool is only available for Windows Mobile 5.0, previous WM versions are not available. Thanks, enjoy and let the blog know what you think.

Comments (12)

  1. RoboForm says:

    It needs logger.exe to save the output strings if I run hopper on the retail device?

  2. shende says:

    Logger would certainly be one way to capture the output on retail devices – but not the only way. Many devices chose to implement some kind of ring-buffer to capture debug output when NOT connected to the debugger. These implementations are very OEM/Device specific and vary depending on the implementation.

    If there is enough interest, perhaps I could blog about how to implement such a buffer during device development.

  3. RoboForm says:

    Thanks shende for your reply.

    I think it’s interesting.

    And I found the logger.exe can not record the debug message.sometimes,logger.exe only record few lines.

    so I really need to know how to implement that.

  4. Frank says:

    I’ve run hopper with T-Flash seven times on one board with the same image, and each time I start logger.exe before run hopper. The result is that 5/7 of the debug.log is only sixty bytes long with one line characters; 1/7 is about 8MB with the run time of 26 hours, the contents of debug.log has very few counts of word "MTTF"; the last one consists of copies of different time’s hopper.log. I wonder if there is sth special to ensure that the debug.log be detailed enough as the last one log?

    If the log files are very useful for your judgement, Contact me Please!(zhangpeng@mail.techfaith.cn) I’d pleasure to send to you via other ways such as email etc.

  5. shende says:

    Please see the next post. I realize some people are troubled by logger.exe and want to help. There is one workaround that I know of – and that is to copy the logfile over ActiveSync while the device is still running. Please give that a try.

  6. Guhan says:

    I ran hangrx on my hopper device. My questions are about the hangRx output shown below.

    1. How do I interpret the numbers 255 254 etc?

    2. The suspect threads shows HangRx.exe threads and no other EXE – How to use this information?

    42013679 PID:ed18e06e TID:2d18e092 HangRx: potential hang for thread(s): 255 254 253 252 251 250 249 200 150 100 50, The following are suspects:

    42013679 PID:ed18e06e TID:2d18e092 + Time:00:00:01.596, hangrx.exe threadId: 0x2d18e092, Runing , Pri: 000

    42013679 PID:ed18e06e TID:2d18e092 + Time:00:00:01.596, hangRx.exe threadId: 0x0cfc7f86, Runabl , Pri: 000

    42013679 PID:6cff9c9a TID:cfc4fba HangRx: potential hang for thread(s): 255 254 253 252 251 250 249 200 150 100 50, The following are suspects:

    42013679 PID:6cff9c9a TID:cfc4fba + Time:00:00:01.143, hangRx.exe threadId: 0x0cfc4fba, Runing , Pri: 000

    42013679 PID:6cff9c9a TID:cfc4fba + Time:00:00:01.143, hangRx.exe threadId: 0x6d034bd2, Runabl , Pri: 000

    42013679 PID:ccfa7be2 TID:6d034bd2 HangRx: potential hang for thread(s): 255 254 253 252 251 250 249 200 150 100 50, The following are suspects:

    42013679 PID:ccfa7be2 TID:6d034bd2 + Time:00:07:09.495, hangrx.exe threadId: 0x2d20dfce, Runabl , Pri: 050

    42013679 PID:ccfa7be2 TID:6d034bd2 + Time:00:00:01.187, hangRx.exe threadId: 0x6d034bd2, Runing , Pri: 000

    42013679 PID:6cff9c9a TID:6d0d3b36 HangRx status: + Memory page free [cur: 568] [min: 397]

    42013679 PID:6cff9c9a TID:6d0d3b36 + DLL Low VM address [cur:0x00c10000]

  7. Guhan says:

    I also see a number of copies of hangrx.exe running – is this normal?

  8. Frank says:

    What is the "Jetstream", where HangRx is posted? Where can I find how to get started with Hopper and other Windows Mobile testing tools?


  9. shende says:

    Jetstream is a drop point for all Windows Mobile customers and is the main conduit in which we distribute code, updates and information. If you are already a Windows Mobile customer, please send me an email with your company name and I will try to locate your specific credentials to access this site. Thanks.

  10. Alexander Mai says:

    Hello, the question seems to bother more interested people: Is there a chance to download those tools (like memrx.exe) for devlopers which don’t have a WM license?


  11. shende says:

    Unfortunately I can only offer hangRx & memoRx tools to WM cusomers using the jetstream download site. I am however starting to publish the source to helpful utils (like the focusApp and keyMonkey) directly on this site.

    If you are attending MEDC next week, please attend the Hopper session and find me afterwards and I would be happy to explain how you can write your own. Thanks.

  12. Dongsun Lim says:

    I have a quesiton for HangRx log. I got following log in my device with HangRx. Can we say there is virtual memory shortage with this log?


    MSG @5:11:43.601 HangRx status: + Memory page free       [cur:15536]  [min:15536]

    MSG @5:11:43.605               + DLL Low VM address     [cur:0x01190000]

    MSG @5:11:43.609               + time:                  [cur:19084535]


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