Fingers and toes


Several of our account managers were out and about with some free time on their digits…



Contest: If you can identify the owner of the hands in this picture, I will send you official JDP Silly-putty that will help mute Hopper runs (while supplies last).

Comments (5)

  1. RoboForm says:

    can you give us any clues?

    such as the owner is he or she…

    one of wince team managers…

    I guss maybe it is Mike Hall’s hands

    Am I right.

  2. shende says:

    Sorry, not Mike Hall, good guess though.

  3. ce_base says:

    Is it AmandaMc?

  4. dm says:

    ok, i spotted it – it’s EdLan’s hands!

  5. shende says:

    Yup, it is Ed – please step forward and claim your prize!

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