Hopper noise is driving me crazy!

Anyone witnessing Hopper in action can attest to the annoying chips, clicks and rings coming from the device under test – running many devices adds to the cacophony and your office is soon inhabitable. Hopper always seems to find the loudest speaker setting and appears to spend a lot of time in the sounds dialog playing each sound over and over as loud as it can – at least it seems that way.


I have found only one good way of muting the noise and keeping the peace: Silly Putty. This pliable substance is found in any toy store (and eBay and Amazon) and you don’t need much. Just a little dab pressed over the speaker port of your device will decrease the volume considerably. Be careful not to press the Putty too deep or you will damage the speaker, press just enough to take the edge off the sound.


Methods such as plugging in a headset, clipping the speaker wires and/or modifying the device are NOT recommended sine they will alter the platform code and could affect Hopper results.

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