How to restore the native Zip file integration in Windows

I got a copy of WinZip last week for my x64 box because I needed to unzip a gzip file. I later realized that since I'm running a 64-bit version of vista, the handy WinZip context menu shell extenstions won't work (unless I run a 32-instance of explorer.exe). This was a bummer because I like being able to right click on an archive and extract it. I know Windows has had built in support for this since XP but it requires me to click one more time than winzip does so it's not as quick. In any case, not having the optio nto use WinZip, I wanted to go back to using the built in windows handler for zip files since it works fine (except for that one extra click I have to do).

How do you restore the default .zip file association in Windowx XP or Vista? It wasn't as simple as right clicking and selecting "Open with.." which is what I tried for about 5 minutes. turns out you can restore it this way though:

cmd /c assoc .zip=CompressedFolder

Thanks goes to Ramesh Srinivasan for pointing out how to do this:

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    WinRAR and 7-zip are a couple of alternatives worth trying that have working x64 shell extensions:



  2. Kevin Daly says:

    Thanks, I’ve been limping along with an imperfect solution (having manually hacked around the file associations to almost sort of half work) for months now, that makes a big difference.

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