Justin’s got one

Justin Ng has started an MSDN blog. Justin and I work together on the Zune Services team.

Test Post

Testing a custom moniker link in community server 2.0

Making svcutil.exe and VisualBasic.Net play nice

Ali Pasha has an interesting post about some issues you can run into when you use Visual Basic and svcutil.exe and I thought I’d write a post to shed some more light on the issue. DataContract types are uniquely identified using a namespace qualified name (namespace uri and a name). This namespace uri is used…


How to restore the native Zip file integration in Windows

I got a copy of WinZip last week for my x64 box because I needed to unzip a gzip file. I later realized that since I’m running a 64-bit version of vista, the handy WinZip context menu shell extenstions won’t work (unless I run a 32-instance of explorer.exe). This was a bummer because I like…