XBox Live Video Market place

“To celebrate its first birthday on November 22, Xbox 360™ becomes the first and only gaming console to provide HD and standard-definition TV shows and movies direct to you.” Renting movies from Blockbuster was nice.Renting movies from Netflix was even better for my lazy but.Renting movies without ever having to leave the couch is…

.Net Framework 3.0 has Shipped!

The first product I worked on here at Microsoft has shipped. It’s a great feeling.


More LINQ goodness here. I love it!

svcutil /reference and /excludeType

I get a lot of internal feedback that the svcutil options are confusing. svcutil.exe originally started out as a fairly simple tool and over the years working towards shipping it’s evolved into a Swiss army knife. I figure even though I don’t work on WCF anymore I should post a few brain dumps here to…


I ran into an issue this summer while helping some interns port Terrarium to use .Net 3.0 and since I haven’t seen many posts about it I thought I’d write one in hopes of helping anyone else who runs into this. I’ll also nudge Michael Marucheck to write a bit more when he has time since he knows…


A New Job

I have some news I probably should have blogged about earlier. I am no longer on the Connected Framework team here at Microsoft. I switched teams a little over a month ago. I’m now working on the Zune team. I probably won’t be blogging much about Zune for a while so if you’re curious I recommend reading either Zune…

Bluetooth on your wrist

I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to come out with something like this.