Back in the game

After almost a year and a half of not posting to my web log, I'm going try and start up again. To start things out, I'll talk a bit about what I've been doing lately.


For the past 2 years or so I've been working on the Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named "Indigo"). Most of the stuff I work on has something to do with implementing Indigo's support for various metadata specifications (WSDL, WS-Metadata Exchange, WS-Policy etc.).


Hopefully (if I do my job right), most people won't have to know or care too much what any of those specifications are. Things will just work and for the most part tools like svcutil.exe will do the work for you.


Hopeful now that I've stuck my head out in the open again, people will let me know what kind of stuff they'd like to hear from me in this space. I'll try and make the majority of my posts here about Indigo and other closely related technologies although I may insert the occasional post or two about other technologies I'm passionate about. I don't intend to start posting on a daily basis but hopefully I'll be posting more than once every year.

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