How SharePoint works

This is an amazing article on the difference between WSS (Windows SharePoint Services ) and (SPS) SharePoint Portal Server and how it all works. I’ve always been a huge fan of SharePoint but I have had a love hate relationship of sorts. I love the fact that there is so much in SharePoint that can be customized….


InfoPath SP1

Chris Anderson led me to this:  I haven’t got a chance to play with this yet but I recall talking with Eric just this past weekend about InfoPath  We talked about some of the features I felt were  missing from it. Looks like I’ll soon find out whether my wishes have been granted.


Getting Dumped

Craig just dumped Dot. He did it publicly too. It’s sad but the letter does have decent comic value, it made me laugh. The question now is does anyone know why GDN workspaces have such bad perf?


XML Schema Constraints

It’s been a while since I looked at the XML Schema spec but some work I was doing last week caused me to go brush up on it. While going over it I was reminded of how bad my last encounter with it went. It turns out that if you read the XML Schema spec…


Roaming at Home

My MPx200 Smarphone has been on the fritz for a while now. it misses more calls than it used to and it refuses to sync over USB. This morning my replacement phone (a refurbished one) came in the mail. I popped my SIM card in the phone and turned it on. It synced beautifuly. About…


Theory of Relativity

A few Weeks ago my roomate Nick and I had a minor disagreement over the fact that I recently purchased Jim Miller’s new book (The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard) which I was reading in my spare time. This disagreement gained notoriety through a weblog post he made. Since then an e-mail thread on the subject…


Social Networks

Chris Anderson voiced a concern I’ve had with social networks for some time. The bring more SPAM. Apps like Friendster ,, Tickle by Emode and Orkut worry me because they tend to increase the amount of friendly spam I get once I join. I still want to join as many of them as possible because I want to be…


How long will this last…

I wonder how long I will  keep blogging now that I’ve started? This blog phenomenon is really interesting but I don’t know how much I have to say that hasn’t been already said. Unlike one of my roomates I’m not opinionated. I’m also not much of a writer, when I do write it tends to be…


This is more Like it!

With a tool like BlogJet I’m more likely to post to my blog when I have something to say…