Debugger Scripts

Logging all managed exceptions — CDB.exe -pn LoadGenWin.exe -cf clr.txt — You’d log all managed exceptions when something goes wrong. ·         CDB.exe -pn LoadGenWin.exe ·         .logopen /t C:\clr.log ·         .loadby sos mscorwks; !eeversion;    sxe -c “!clrstack; !pe; gc” clr Snapping suspicious managed exceptions (1st chance) — CDB.exe -pn LoadGenWin.exe -cf 1st.txt — You have to edit script to snap…


Use AdPlus to troubleshoot process hangs

AdPlus hang-mode creates a directory in the current directory (or the output directory if specified) called Hang_Mode__Date_mm-dd-yyyy__Time_HH-MM-SS. This means you can continue to run the same ADPlus command line repeatedly without losing your data. 1. Install Debugging Tools for Windows 64-bit Version — Download , or    Install Debugging Tools for Windows 32-bit Version — Download…


How to pester Error Reporting immediately

1. Jetstress or Load Generator would send ‘offline’ Watson reports to the admin queue — which is located at “%SystemRoot%\PCHEALTH\ERRORREP\QSignoff”— you can send them through a file transfer service on your own. 2. The customer uses eventvwr.msc to see the application event generated. 3. The customer makes a note on the bucketing parameters — P7…


Exchange Load Generator (08.01.0061)

 Exchange Load Generator (08.01.0061) February 9, 2007. Perform benchmarking, pre-deployment validation, and stress testing tasks that introduce various types of workloads into a test (non-production) Exchange messaging system. Simulate the delivery of multiple MAPI client messaging requests to an Exchange server. • 64-bit download • 32-bit download