Jetstress: You may receive ESE event ID 215.

This is a known issue in Jetstress.

This is so benign that it never affects your testing in terms of correctness, performance, and security.

Please, train yourself to ignore this benign error until I can make the fix available in a later web release:

Event Type:            Error
Event Source:        ESE
Event Category:    Logging/Recovery
Event ID:                  215       
Date:                         3/28/2007
Time:                        10:47:26 PM
User:                         N/A
Computer:              (machine-name)
JetstressWin (2760) Instance2760.4:
The backup has been stopped because it was halted by the client or the connection with the client failed.

Reference: KB 810333: You may receive the "ESE event ID 215 the backup has been stopped because it was halted by the client"

Jetstress streaming backup has a comparable IO on disk sub-systems of the Exchange backup. It uses the Exchange Database Engine functions:

·         JetBeginExternalBackupInstance

·         JetOpenFileInstance

·         JetReadFileInstance

·         JetCloseFileInstance

·         JetEndExternalBackupInstance2 --- this call always logs the event ID 215.


Using ExternalBackup reports the error by putting the backup instance in ‘statDatabases’ state.


if ( m_fBackupStatus == backupStateDatabases )


             // if backup client calls BackupEnd without error before logs are read, force the backup as "with error"


The user always sees the event ID 215. The fix must be using Surrogate backup instead of External backup.


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