Jetstress 08.01.0075 has fixed a list of issues.

Here is a list of issues that are all fixed in the March release (08.01.0075 build):

  • Exchange 2003 database engine (ese.dll ) should have 500 MB and 900 MB database cache size min and max.

  • DataGridView: System.InvalidOperationException: This operation cannot be performed while an auto-filled column is being resized.

  • Help: the minimum cache size would be 128 MB for 4 storage groups.

  • Should not tune to throughput percentage when tuning suppressed.

  • Make more sense to have a label: “Suppress tuning and use thread counts (per-storage group).

  • WATSON: Invalid Jet interop operation. Source: JetEndSession. Error: JET_errSuccess, Successful Operation.

  • Should not allow putting same logs and databases from same SG on the same LUN.

  • HTM report is failing tests based on max database disk latencies when logs and db's are place on the same volume.

  • Warning about making sure aggregate database size is large enough for an accurate test.

  • No report html created for stress tests --- which is longer than 6 hours. 

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  3. A while after the release of the new Jetstress 2007 (08.01.0038), Microsoft made a minor update to this

  4. Kurbli says:

    Hasznos segédeszköz. A while after the release of the new Jetstress 2007 (08.01.0038), Microsoft made

  5. ttohumcu says:

    I am running Jetstress 08.01.0177.000 and after running various of tests on an environment, I am not getting any html document created. What am i doing wrong? .blg document gets created but no html. According to this blog, this issue has been fixed. Even though my test is 2 hours, it does not generate html at all.

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    Hello ttohumcu,

    Please, add refactorme @ to your msn messenger contacts if you want to chat with me.

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