Exchange Load Generator (08.01.0061)

 Exchange Load Generator (08.01.0061) February 9, 2007. Perform benchmarking, pre-deployment validation, and stress testing tasks that introduce various types of workloads into a test (non-production) Exchange messaging system. Simulate the delivery of multiple MAPI client messaging requests to an Exchange server. • 64-bit download • 32-bit download


Exchange Server Jetstress (08.01.0038)

Exchange Server Jetstress (08.01.0038) January 3, 2007. Verify the performance and stability of the disk subsystem before putting the Exchange server into a production environment. • 64-bit download • 32-bit download


Q: 20 ms latency is hardcoded?

A: There are two sets of latency thresholds defined in the Jetstress xml configuration file: One is strict for a test short than or equal to 6 hours. The other is lenient for a test longer than 6 hours (it is also called a stress test).   Excerped from Jetstress chm help file — Enables you…