Jetstress uses Exchange 2003 SP1 ESE Performance counters for NAS storage sub-system.

Jetstress enables “Use storage volumes on NAS” when you Exchange 2003 SP1 ESE binaries (of which must be later than or equal to 6.5.7104.0) Drive letters used for the storage of Exchange 2003 database and log files are not presented as physical or logical disks; instead, they are presented as drive letters associated with a network…


There are risks when you run JetStress where Exchange is installed.

There are two primary risks associated with running Jetstress on a machine with Exchange installed. The first has already been discussed (Jetstress could potentially delete some existing logfiles if it’s configured to use the same log drives that Exchange is using). The second is that if you use a version of Jet (ese.dll and eseperf.*)…


EVA 5000 and HP BladeSystem Performance Articles

HP Blade System and Exchange 2003 Storage Performance (updated 2006-02-13) White Paper covers the best practices for deploying Exchange 2003 server on HP BladeSystem as well as the results of performance validation tests. HP EVA 5000 and Exchange 2003 Storage Performance (updated: 2005-07-14) White Paper covers the best pratices for EVA 5000 storage subsystem in Exchange 2003…


Algorithm Collection in C++

I have a algorithm collection at algorithm.htm


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Q200160 How to loop through mailboxes on Exchange by using the GetMailboxTable method  


RAID, NAS and iSCSI on Wikipedia

Nested RAID RAID 10 (RAID 0 on top and the redundant array at the bottom) is preferable to RAID 0+1, because fewer disks then need to be regenerated when a disk fails. A RAID 0+1 (also called RAID 01) is a RAID used for both replicating and sharing data among disks. The difference between RAID…


JetStress: List of Known Issues (last updated: Mar. 1, 2006)

JetStress 7795 has the first two issues fixed.  1. The test report may incorrectly state the test has failed in the header of the test report — JetStress 7795 has it fixed. If your test report suggests that the test has failed, you should carefully analyze the data provided in the report to ensure that…


ESE Reference and Backup/Restore on  


JetStress: Tuning process adjusts the operation mix to achieve normal ratios of read/writes.

The tuning process will also try to adjust the following ratios with insert, delete, and replace option mixes. If it cannot reach optimal mix, the test would still continue with the best parameters it can find. Following are the additional guidelines that Jetstress tries to achieve during the tuning process. ·         Database disk read/sec to…


Article: Jetstress will not load performance counters after applying an SP or hotfix

Jetstress will not load performance counters after applying a service pack or hotfix There is another issue that Database Performance counters can be broken for Exchange after using JetstressUI. In certain cases when Exchange Server was installed before Jetstress, uninstalling Jetstress could result in unstable Database Performance counters. To restore access to Database Counters after Jetstress…