My experience with .NET Native Preview

Hello everyone, I just published this new post on our team blog over here: Cheers, Helge Mahrt


Failed the WACK Test – How do I get more information?

  Hello everyone, So you finished your Windows Store app and are eager to get it into the Store – but it failed the Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) test and the results do not provide sufficient information about the reason of the failure. What can you do to get more details? The first thing…


Asynchronous Programming in .NET 4.5 – in Spanish

Hello everyone, My colleague José Ortega and I just published some articles about the new .NET 4.5 keywords await and async, and about the Task Parallel Library (TPL). As they are in Spanish we put them on his blog. If you are interested, please have a look here: Cheers, Helge Mahrt


Be careful when making DataTransferManager.DataRequested an async function

Hello everyone, Update: Thanks to Nigel Sampson for correcting my post. 🙂 As you probably already know, .NET Framework 4.5 introduced two new keywords: async and await. (Look here for information about how to use them.) If you are adding the possibility to share content of your Windows Store application, you will have to implement…


How to avoid “The directory data type cannot be converted to/from a native DS data type” (0x8000500C) in managed code

Hello everyone, We may find ourselves in the situation where we need to access custom properties that have been defined for objects in our Active Directory. However, using the managed class DirectoryEntry we may receive an exception with the error code 0x8000500CL when accessing the custom property the following way: myDirectoryEntry.Properties[“myProperty”] As the error text…


How to listen for Printer Connections?

Hello everyone, The other day, a customer wanted to listen (in C++) for newly added printers. He was trying to use FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification but was never notified. It turned out that he was adding network printers, which belonged to a different print server (effectively creating a “Printer Connection”) and that FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification only works for printers belonging…


Problem running decoupled WMI providers simultaneously

Hello everyone, The other day, I had a customer who implemented a decoupled WMI provider in her application. She was running two instances simultaneously and when calling a function of the WMI provider, one of the two instances would crash with the following error message: Non-static method requires a target. The process that crashed would…


TFS 2010: An error occurred while validating. HRESULT = ‘8000000A’

Hello everyone, I’ve had a few cases already, where our customers came across a rare problem: They were building Visual Studio Installer projects with Team Build of Team Foundation Server 2010 and the build failed with the error: “An error occurred while validating. HRESULT = ‘8000000A’”. When running the build process again, it usually succeeded. The…


WPF ignoring BiDi control characters

Hello everyone, Have you ever tried using the following BiDirectional (Disclaimer: The content linked here is not from Microsoft: control characters in WPF? LRM (U+200E, Left-To-Right Mark) LRE (U+202A, Left-To-Right Embedding) LRO (U+202D, Left-To-Right Override) PDF (U+202C, Pop Directional Formatting) If the answer is yes, you will have noticed that WPF is completely…