Introduction to the Multilingual App Toolkit

The Multilingual App Toolkit will help you to create your apps in multiple languages to reach more markets. Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2012 is an extension that enables translation support through tools and guides by focusing on the following areas: Integration with Visual Studio IDE enables you to add and manage translation files…


End-To-End Application Lifecycle Management Presentation

End-To-End Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Managment View more PowerPoint from Hosam Kamel   You can access the full slide-deck from here


[Visual Studio Extension Of The Day] Test Scribe for Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 and Test Professional 2010

  Test Scribe is a documentation power tool designed to construct documents directly from the TFS for test plan and test run artifacts for the purpose of discussion, reporting etc… . Known Issues/Limitations Customizing the generated report by changing the template, adding comments, including attachments etc… is not supported While opening a test plan summary…


[Visual Studio Extension Of The Day] PHP Tools for Visual Studio

    PHP Tools extend Visual Studio with the support for PHP code. The extension adds syntax highlighting, real-time checking of syntax errors, code outlining which makes it easier to understand code and navigation features, so that you can easily go to the required class or function.     PHP Tools extend Visual Studio with…

Developing JAVA Projects using jDeveloper and TFS as Source Control

Oracle JDeveloper is a free integrated development environment that simplifies the development of Java-based SOA and Java EE applications. One of main goals of Team Foundation Server 2010 is to support heterogeneous development environments and of course part of it is supporting  Java developers to make use of team development features provided. Eclipse developers have…


There’s no better time to seize the future!

  Upgrade your team to Visual Studio Premium with MSDN and save 15%. MSDN offers up cool resources—including 12,000+ downloads for servers, tools, and apps. The best part? Every subscriber gets the next version of Visual Studio when it ships. Score! More details here  

Deleting Team Project in Team Foundation Server 2010

I’m seeing a lot of people still using some old ways ported from TFS 2008 to delete a team project like TFSDeleteProject utility.   In TFS 2010 the administration tasks are made very easy to help you in a lot of administration stuff, for the deletion point specially you can navigate to the Administration Console…


[Visual Studio Extension Of The Day] Architecture Layers Patterns

Architecture layers patterns toolbox items based on the Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition for the layer diagram designer of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. The actual release include the following toolbox items: Architecture Patterns 1. Common Application Pattern 2. Service Architetype Pattern Architecture Layers 1. Presentation Layer Pattern 2. Business Layer Pattern 3. Data Layer…