Hey there app developers! Don’t miss MEA Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch!

If you are based in the Middle East and Africa and want to learn about the future of app development then join us this November the 19th for the launch of Visual Studio 2013 in the Middle East and Africa. We’ll be broadcasting the event live, straight from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with S….

Microsoft Mondays– May Webcasts

Introducing “Microsoft Mondays”. A program consisting of a series of Webcasts showcasing various Microsoft products and technologies. Each Monday we discuss a particular topic pertaining to development, infrastructure, Office tools, ERP, client/server operating systems etc. The webcast will be broadcast via LiveMeeting and can viewed from a web client. The idea behind the “Microsoft Mondays”…

Windows 8 Developer Camp Event

  Registration Link https://win8.msregistration.com/login.aspx?EventID=49&ID=be8d4ec6-3d17-4430-831c-f3840d27ff3f


“Learn Windows Azure” Event by Scott Guthrie, Dave Campbell, and Mark Russinovich!

  Next Tuesday, Dec 13th we’ll be holding a special Learn Windows Azure training event for developers.  It will provide a great way to learn Windows Azure and what it provides.  You can attend the event either by watching it streamed LIVE online, or by attending in person (on the Microsoft Redmond Campus).  Both options…