Introduction to the Multilingual App Toolkit

The Multilingual App Toolkit will help you to create your apps in multiple languages to reach more markets.
Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2012 is an extension that enables translation support through tools and guides by focusing on the following areas:
  • Integration with Visual Studio IDE enables you to add and manage translation files to a project solution using standard Visual Studio menus and dialogs.
  • Pseudo language engine gives you ‘in house’ testing of localized apps by identifying translation issues during development such as hardcoded, concatenated, or truncated strings and other visual issues that arise when working with languages. Pseudo translations are stored in the localization industry standard XLIFF file format and can be edited just like any other language translation. This gives you granular control over pseudo translation testing.
  • Translation file export & import roundtrip provides you with the ability to send and receive resources in XLIFF files to friends, family, or a translator services for review.
  • XLIFF lightweight editor provides a lightweight localization UI for editing translated strings. Get translation suggestions quickly by using the integrated Microsoft Translator (requires active Internet connection). It also allows you to quickly edit data stored in XLIFF files by adjusting pseudo and/or actual translations.
Check this introductory video for more details


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  1. Great, thanks Hosam for sharing!

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