Why is Chicken Little still on American Idol?

There, I admit it.  I watch American Idol.  At least I've never watched Survivor or The Amazing Race.


So back to the question.  Why is Kevin Covais (dubbed Chicken Little by the show's host Ryan Seacrest) still on American Idol?

I get that he's a nice kid with a pleasant singing voice.  But c'mon, he is way out of his league.  Some of those folks can BRING IT.  I mean they can really sing.  And they can command the stage with a compelling presence and personality.

My personal favorites this season are Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee, Christopher Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Mandisa, and Paris Bennett.


Comments (4)

  1. TravisOwens says:

    I have heard it mentioned before that the underdogs have a slight advantage because sometimes people will vote for their favorite underdog (instead of their outright favorite) because they’re afriad nobody will vote for them and they’ll get kicked off.

    The theory has been used before to explain why good performers have been in the bottom 3 in previous seasons.

  2. SpoonsJTD says:

    Because it’s America voting. They should so change it so that the judges pick three people that can be voted off and America votes on who goes, not who stays.

    Chicken little is still there the same reason Fedorov lasted so long (outlasted Constantine) last year. Because 8 year olds can vote. Anybody can vote, multiple times. It’s painful. This guy has no chance of being the American Idol, yet he keeps getting voted in. The format is seriously flawed.

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