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I added the Review command to TFPT back in August as a simple way to do a code review of files in any order I choose.  Running TF Diff just cycles through the files one by one and is not that great for an interactive code review, particularly if I want to go back and review one file.  I was used to internal tools we've had forever that integrated with our source control system and provided a list of files to review diffs of and it allowed you to mark off files that have been reviewed.

The first version of the Review command was pretty limited, it could just review your local changes - all of them or whatever you pass as standard filespecs on the command line.  It also provided some check boxes next to each file so you could keep track of what you have reviewed.  You could not view deleted files and it did not support ShelvesetsBuck said I'd want Shelveset support eventually.  I just thought why bother since TF Unshelve allows me to do basically what I want.

Ok, now that the history of the command is out of the way, here's what I just added:

  • Shelveset support - Buck was right - I did want it eventually - the main reason being that the product does not support doing a diff of a Branch/Edit delta and I was able to add a mostly working solution to that problem

  • Diff Latest - so now you can diff against either the version of the file the change was pended against or the current version - this is very handy to see what you are up against in case you haven't done a Get in a while

  • View deleted files - when you are reviewing someone else's code it's always nice to see what they've decided to kill off


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