Stupid browser drag/drop tricks

At one point folks got carried away with drag and drop.  For example:

  • The system menu icon is a drag source in IE and Explorer windows.  So you can use it to drag a shortcut to the current page/folder/document to anywhere you want.
  • The icon in the address bar is also a drag source.  Again, drag this anywhere you want to create a shortcut.
  • The home button is a drop target.  Drop a shortcut here and you've got a new home page.
  • The Favorites button is a drop target.  Drop a shortcut here and you've got a new favorite added to the root of the favorites folder.
  • The free edges of the desktop are special drop targets.  Try dragging a folder to the right-most edge of your desktop and watch a folder toolband appear docked to the screen.  The desktop needs to be exposed for this to work.

So if you want to amaze your friends, drag the system menu icon from "My Computer" and slam it up against the top edge of your screen and watch them gaze in awe as a stylish toolbar appears with Your Computer.

Comments (5)

  1. Joku says:

    Never would have thought..

    Talking about cool tricks which I would like to see in future is that one could have full screen HW accelerated game, and still overlay information from your favorite app over the game display without alt-tab:ing to see the latest stock quote or blog headline from + numerous other things. So even if the game thinks it has full control of what is shown, that is not the case – user has the full control over what is displayed, except perhaps the login screen.

  2. hippietim says:

    That’s an interesting idea about overlaying games and such.

    When MSN Messenger first shipped the "toast" did pop up over top of games and other full screen activities. This was considered a bug. Particularly with games because if you accidentally clicked on the toast you’d switch to your desktop – and plenty of games blow up when you do that. Also, when you’re in the middle of presenting a slide deck in Powerpoint to a VP it can be a bit embarrassing to have some goofy message from one of your friends popup.

    At one point during early Longhorn planning there were a lot of ideas about what we could show on the login screen. I’m not sure what, if anything, will end up there. You have obvious security issues to work out there.

  3. Wow…I never would have thought to try this. I was sort of expecting the cursor to change to imply a different action than ‘move this folder onto the desktop’ was about to occur.

    I like that you can put multiple folders on one of these toolbars, as well.

  4. Joku says:

    I agree there, if it catches too much attention such "toast" will quickly come annoyance. No doubt some of the DX8/9 tricks could be used to blend some additional text into the game gfx so that opacity would be like 70%. If you were receiving a Internet phone call, you could just look who’s calling without switching off from the game, but ring tune is so much easier to implement 🙂

    When watching videos on computer and having Sharpreader on background, you do get those fading boxes of Sharpreader on top of your video. I think I’ll try making one for my own app and see if it gets annoying or not.

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