My first Blog post on MSDN

Howdy.  I figure my first entry just ought to give you some of my background (IOW, the reasons to not take me too seriously).

I've been at Microsoft almost 8 years.  I started off working on the IE team.  I worked on CDF channels, offline web pages, the Active Channel screensaver, navigation in IE, search pane, favorites, blah, blah, blah.  I was on the IE team through just before we shipped IE 5.5 or so.  Then a bunch of us on the IE team went off and built the MSN Explorer team.  I worked on the first two releases of that and did all sorts of fun stuff - custom non-client painting (trust me, you don't want to do this), our windowing framework, OLE container and control framework, accessibility, DMTHML binary behaviors, blah, blah, blah.  After that I returned to Windows on the Shell team.  I got shuffled around there a good bit and worked on a bunch of random stuff.  Next stop was the Windows Base team.  My old manager from IE and MSN formed a team to address the problems of application and system fragility.  A year and a half into it I decided I wanted to move closer to my family again so here I am in North Carolina working on the Hatteras source control system for the next Visual Studio release.

I've had various titles at Microsoft but they never would let me change it to "Stunt Coder".  You know what I mean.  Like in the movies.  Let the fancy good looking coders do all the glamour coding and I just come in for the stuff that nobody else wants to do.

Aside from writing code, I am way into music.  I play guitar and regularly hang out at and

Well, this is getting boring for you quickly I'm sure.  Unfortunately, Buck stole my thunder for my first "real" post.  I was gonna tell you folks about setting your home page in IE via drag and drop.  But nooooooo.  Thanks a lot Buck.  I guess I'll have to go into a lengthy discussion about how to properly author a CDF file for scheduled updates.

Comments (5)

  1. Welcome! Is there a MSFT facility in NC or do you work remotely?

    Didn’t know about the homepage drag n’ drop…funny thing is, it works in Firefox as well.

  2. hippietim says:

    Yes, we have a development office in Durham.

  3. Joku says:

    Hey and welcome.

    I’ve heard of the shell team and have vague idea what aspects of the system they own, but could you care to elaborate on the Windows base team. I understand that shell team owns the desktop related stuff and explorer.exe, is this correct? Wouldn’t mind hearing about your past "stunts" in those teams..

  4. hippietim says:

    The Shell team includes things like explorer.exe, lots of the Control Panel applets, screen savers, Comctl32, common dialogs, and a whole bunch of other Windows user experience stuff.

    The base team includes things like the kernel, drivers, Fusion, setup, and other lower level services of the OS.

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