Building Windows Azure Reporting Services Application

Windows Azure SQL Reporting is a cloud-based reporting service for the Windows Azure Platform built on SQL Server Reporting Services. SQL Reporting provides many benefits, such as

  • ·        Rapid provisioning
  • ·        Cost-effective scalability and High availability
  • ·        Reduced management overhead
  • ·        Secure access for viewing and managing reports.

Windows Azure Reporting offers the following capabilities:

  • ·        Host operational reports based on report data from existing Windows Azure SQL Database. Operational reports are report definition language (RDL) reports.
  • ·        Embed the Visual Studio Report Viewer AJAX control in on-premise Web applications or cloud-based Windows Azure applications to add rich reporting to custom applications. The Report Viewer control points to reports hosted on report servers.


The document provides a step-by-step guide on how you can migrate your existing SSRS reports and ASP.Net application to Windows Azure.

Building Windows Azure Reporting Application.docx

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