Dell Latitude XT Tablet on the website!

Unfortunately, not yet available for order that I can tell.

Also, I want to apologize to the Tablet fans out there for not posting for so long. Reorgs, moving buildings, and Windows 7 work have all conspired against blogging here.

I will say that if you are impressed by the "touch features" in the iPhone, you'll be blown away by what's coming in Windows 7. Now if only we could convince more OEMs that Windows Touch Technology is going to drive their sales.

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  1. Microsoft's Hilton Locke , who used to work on the Tablet PC team and now works on the Windows Shell

  2. Rob Bushway from found an interesting little blurb by Hilton Locke regarding Windows

  3. analarne says:

    ich finde windows sieben total doof und uncool

  4. TabBlogger : Windows 7 work [has] conspired against blogging here … I will say that if you are impressed

  5. mechx says:

    Microsoft has been promising and delivering touch solutions for a while, but Apple’s the one that actually fulfilled the UI potentials in touch.  Judging by the demo on Dell’s site, the touch support in Windows Vista is terribly awkward (just compare that Dell video to the Stevenote introducing the iPhone almost a year ago).  And Windows Mobile is no better.

    I hope Windows 7 does "blow us away", but if it just takes the iPhone physics-based interface and implements it on Windows don’t expect the public to be praising your innovation.  You can hardly expect OEMs to have much faith when you’ve been promising so much for so long… whatever touch innovations you’re promising with Windows 7 should’ve been delivered with Origami hype a year ago.

  6. says:

    Rob Bushway from found an interesting little blurb by Hilton Locke regarding Windows

  7. kmk says:

    Windows 7 is coming out in 2015, possibly? Mac OSX already has

    touch interface!!!

    How long do you think Apple will need to add touch interface support

    to one of their Notebook line? Few months possibly?

    And, apple has plenty of time to improve the interface. I bet Microsoft has to play catch up….

  8. James says:

    "I will say that if you are impressed by the "touch features" in the iPhone, you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7."

    As per usual, taking Apple’s lead. Windows 7, due out in 2020? Don’t you guys get tired of this? Someone else does something and you follow up with, hey you thought their stuff looks good, wait until you see the stuff we’ve got coming up which we totally based on theirs because we couldn’t come up with an original thought if we tried. No wonder Bill Gates gets little girly tantrums when Microsoft’s lack of innovation is brought right in front of his face.

  9. Keith Patrick says:

    Pardon my skepticism, but I was blown away by Longhorn and underwhelmed by Vista.  If Win7’s new features consist of explorer.exe with some new features layered on top of the years of legacy code in it already, I will likely be underwhelmed by Win7, too.

  10. Ralph says:

    "I will say that if you are impressed by the "touch features" in the iPhone, you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7" sounds a lot like "The Wow starts Now". Well, i haven’t seen any "Wow" yet with Vista and i strongly doubt that 7 will be any better. Microsoft talks, Apple acts. That won’t be any different in 2020 when 7 will be released with all those innovations stripped away to get it to RTM…

  11. Gavron says:

    The only thing from Microsoft that could possibly blow us Mac users away is its corporate flatulence.

    Talk about vapourware!

  12. Chris says:

    "I will say that if you are impressed by the "touch features" in the iPhone, you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7."

    Hilton, you’re a laugh riot! Every version of Windows was going to be the one that finally blew us away until the day it came out. You knew that, and used it to set up one of the best jokes I’ve seen in quite a while!

  13. Meatus says:

    MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, see, if you just wait for the "next" version of Windows, Microsoft will finally get it right. What’s that? You just finished waiting 6+ years for the chrome-plated turd they call "Vista?" And, they promised you the same thing about Windows 98, Me, XP, etc., too? No, really, this time they mean it: just wait for the "next" version of Windows, and Microsoft will finally get it right. Don’t be so impatient. Sheesh, you act like time is so damn important. Relax.

    Oh, yeah, we almost forgot: Do not, under any circumstances, watch or read anything about Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo keynote a month from now. Just keep waiting for Microsoft to "blow away" a pocket-sized 2007 device’s UI with their next PC OS that’s due in 2010 (or so they say today).

    Microsoft "Your Frustration, Our Fault"

  14. Jim says:

    So you’re saying that in 4 – 5 years when the next version of windows is released it will have the features that its competition already has?

  15. Tanzing says:

    I think this is just so SAD. Hasn’t anyone in M$ learnt to just shut up and put up rather continually promise things they never deliver.

    This isn’t the ’90s. People have really wised up to M$ vaporware as you can see from the comments above.

    Learn from Apple. Never pre-announce. Just keep delivering the goods.

    Just as Vista turned out to be a very neutered version of Longhorn can we then expect Windows 7 to actually be Windows when delivered?

  16. Christer Rose says:


    Oh my God – not again…..

  17. Al says:

    The next release of windows might equal todays Iphone but it is unlikely to be close to the Iphone of 5 years from now which no doubt is the earliest a STABLE version will be available.

  18. Charlie says:

    By the time Windows 7 comes out, my refrigerator will have touch screen features that blow away the iPhone.



  20. loopy_nj says:

    Wow.  I hope those new touch features will be as good as that updated file system on Vista, WinFS.  Oh wait, that was promised over 5 years ago and never delivered…

    Don’t think Apple won’t be updating its multi-touch PATENTED interface as you begin to code yours…

  21. Gerald says:

    [Windows 7] should allow multiple points of contact and significantly more complex input options than the iPhone.

    (quote from

    As usual Microsoft got it right. People want more complexity. The iPhone is just WAY to easy to use.  Windows 7 will blow everyone away with the INCREDIBLY complex multi-touch user interface that Microsoft has developed (= that they started to develop 14 days ago).

  22. Johnner says:

    About Hilton Locke: "I’ve been involved with PCs since the Commodore PET and with Wintel-based PCs since the very first IBM PC 4.77mhz 64kb of RAM. I think that most technology today is interested in the # of features rather than where true value is, # of problems solved. Not that there’s anything wrong with shiny, blinky things…"

    This does not even make sense. Technology is interested in the # of features RATHER than than true value??? How is it that "Technology" has an interest? And why would anyone or thing prefer # of features over value?  What a mess of a statement. It does not make any sense.

  23. LieBusters says:

    Are all you Apple fanatics morons? MS has been developing WAY better touch interfaces for the last 5 years. Have you seen the Microsoft Surface? That’s where Apple stole their iPhone ideas, just like they stole their Leopard ideas from Vista and their Tiger ideas from XP/Longhorn.

    Also, this article is missing a very important note: Vista already HAS this touch technology! Surface is running Vista…

    and the Apple fans re-write history… again…

    You’re nothing if not consistent 😉

  24. gheem says:


    (1) Screen: A diffuser turns the Surface’s acrylic tabletop into a large horizontal "multitouch" screen, capable of processing multiple inputs from multiple users. The Surface can also recognize objects by their shapes or by reading coded "domino" tags.

    (2) Infrared: Surface’s "machine vision" operates in the near-infrared spectrum, using an 850-nanometer-wavelength LED light source aimed at the screen. When objects touch the tabletop, the light reflects back and is picked up by multiple infrared cameras with a net resolution of 1280 x 960.

    (3) CPU: Surface uses many of the same components found in everyday desktop computers — a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card. Wireless communication with devices on the surface is handled using WiFi and Bluetooth antennas (future versions may incorporate RFID or Near Field Communications). The underlying operating system is a modified version of Microsoft Vista.

    (4) Projector: Microsoft’s Surface uses the same DLP light engine found in many rear-projection HDTVs. The footprint of the visible light screen, at 1024 x 768 pixels, is actually smaller than the invisible overlapping infrared projection to allow for better recognition at the edges of the screen.


    1) it works, and fits in your pocket

    nuf sed, the surface technology is just not ready to fit in a device like iPhone, unless you have a backpack, and a cart with car batteries.

  25. Hello Hilton,

    I do hope that Microsoft will consider my project of the cell PC as the hardware platform for Windows (Mobile) 7.

    Best regards,

  26. juno says:

    Surface is still a press release at this point.  You can’t go buy one.  Millions of users already have iPhones.  I’m typing this on my iphone right now.  Microsoft’s vaporware tactics are tired and pathetic.  Nobody believes you guys anymore.

  27. shen says:

    "I will say that if you are impressed by the "touch features" in the iPhone, you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7"


    so by 2016 windows will be able to do (with only a top of the line computer no doubt) what Apple has a low power phone doing now?  talk about cutting edge!

    i hear you guys are all installing hot and cold running water soon too.  impressive.

    "Are all you Apple fanatics morons? MS has been developing WAY better touch interfaces for the last 5 years. Have you seen the Microsoft Surface? That’s where Apple stole their iPhone ideas"

    yeah, cause Apple has huge IR cameras installed in the iPhone!  you can tell by how thick it is!  just like you….

    in cred i ble……

  28. goody flanders says:

    I like how Hilton put "touch features" in quotes…as if they’re not really touch features, apple is just calling them that.  Sad, Hilton, just sad.  Notice how Apple doesn’t need to talk about what features their product lines will have in 2010?  Because they just deliver products, they don’t hype vaporware in sad attempts to freeze the market.

  29. Blad_Rnr says:

    Anyone who thinks Apple is stealing ideas from MS needs to get a really big clue. If so, how is it that they BRING to market what they "steal" from MS before MS does? That makes no effing sense. None. You can hate Apple all you want because you don’t and can’t understand that what you want in 5-10 years is being delivered now by Apple. MS had 7 years to get Longhorn right. They are the biggest tech firm by far. 80K employees. $60B in the bank. And they left out all the key features…but wait for Win7??? For what? Touch features I can get NOW on a device that fits in my hand? Apple was a third the size of MS when the iPhone was introduced. They only had $10B in the bank. 18K employees. Yet they run circles around MS. How is that? I wish someone would explain how a much smaller company can make these devices and a much larger company can only copy them, years later.

    Next, the Microsofties will tell us the iPhone is an illusion.

  30. Khushwant_Singh says:

    let’s stop fighting on who is the best tech company. Let us choose the best products provided by each company, the products which serve us purpose.

    Its good Microsoft and Apple compete with each other but end of the day customer is winning.

  31. Tech|noob says:

    Filed under: Desktops , Laptops , Tablet PCs Regardless of how Tablet PCs have actually done in the marketplace

  32. hamdog says:

    @ analarne

    ich stimme mit dir überein!

    just sayin’

  33. davewrite says:

    MS doesn’t innovate. It just follows and makes (inferior) copies of the leaders and succeeds (sometimes) by selling cheap.

    Look at the Zune. PC reviewers give it glowing reviews but just compare it with the ipod CLASSIC which is Apples OLD tech from like 2 years ago. PC fans scream how great it is because it sort of matches the classic. The Zune is MS top of the line music player, the MS team had unlimited support from management, hundreds of millions and a successful player (the ipod) to copy from and all the come up with is the Zune. Look at the flash Zune, thicker clumsier with less features than the ipod Nano.

    Also the only reason  Zune (like so many MS ‘innovations’) sells at all is because MS subsidizes them. The Zune (like the Xbox until this quarter) is a money loser. And even with a subsidized ‘dump’ price it can’t beat ipod sales! On Amazon bestsellers there are like 8 ipods before the Zune. Imagine if Apple subsidized the ipod touch and sold if for say $148 and the nano for $70! Vista owners you are paying for subsidies for someone’s Zune!

    MS innovation is a joke. MS stopped innovating 15 years ago.

  34. Manifold says:

    I have to say, the rudeness and ignorance of the people posting here is astounding. You people have an awful lot to say about a single, generally innocuous statement made by a test engineer of all people.

    However, if you really can’t help but be so puerile, go post about it on your own blogs; you’re really doing the Apple community a disservice by coming out in public.

  35. Allan says:

    Hey Hilton:

    Stop spewing vaporware and get back to work! As a Microsoft shareholder, I feel your time would be better spent actually developing technology rather than taking cheap potshots at Apple. If you can release your touch technology as part of Vista SP1, then I’ll be impressed.

  36. Some Guy says:

    And this is coming in what, six years?

    Sorry, dude: your empire is doomed.  Get used to it.

  37. Todd M. says:

    It’s really great for us consumers that in some Windows lab they are blowing away the competition.  Now if only they could get an operating system out into the real world… like today… that would be great.  As long as Windows continues to over-promise and under-deliver (and not even on-time, mind you) they will continue to see their absurd market dominance decline.  The Windows world should finally realize that if they just shut-up and surprised us for once (with actual, real technology that does what it says it does) then they might not get crapped on so much.  

  38. Samuel says:

    Stock investors,

    Msft 1 year return 18%

    Five year 46%

    Apple 1 year return 120%.

    Five year 2000%

    Msft grew a lot in the early days, but like tech innovation, today stick with Apple. Msft is just resting on past accomplishments.

  39. Jon T says:

    Seems to me that this poor guy has accidentally lit a fuse about the gap between Microsoft’s promises and delivery.

    If history is to be believed, promises like this one have been disastrous for its competitors (and progress too).

    Blaming Apple fans for their invective has nothing to do with it. Microsoft needs to look at itself, because therein lies the real blame.

  40. … according to Hilton Locke , a test engineer working at Microsoft. His claim is echoed with a few

  41. rplat says:

    Nonsense . . . don’t hold your breath while waiting for Microsoft to overtake Apple in any endeavor.

  42. Mac lover says:

    LieBuster, I would rather be a fanatic moron then a blind moron, you are living in a dreamworld.  First, MS touch interfaces suck and no where compares to iPhone, even though MS has had a head start.  Talk about stealing, Microsucks has not come up with anything new in 20 years, just coping what others have started, and thank God Apple didn’t steal anything from the Vista application piece of junk as well as Surface, you MS people live in the Stone Age.  Yep we Apple people are consistent, that we know Apple products are better than any MS products. Let’s see MS stock has been at $30 – $40/share for the last 7 years, Apple has tripled in that same time, I’m sure you MS fans think the Market is wrong too, get a life.  Change your name to LieMaker.

  43. lynfordd says:

    Windows 7 Touch Features To Blow Us Away?

    YEA RIGHT! Just like we was all Blow away by Vista…….

  44. Compsci says:

    Jeez, what a little world that tech geeks live in, 99 precent of the rest of the world doesn’t care about MSft or Apple, it sounds just like the catholics and the jews and the Muslems in here.

    Get a life.

  45. Compsci says:

    Mr  Locke if I where you I would keep a tight lid on the Windows 7  front untill next year, I agree that Apple tends to rewrite history to suite it’s needs, but you don’t need to feed the fanatiscism that infects the Mac Zealots.

    I love Vista and My Wife enjoys Leopard, I just don’t understand why some people put so much energy into a pointless argument.

  46. theMusicMan says:

    "Also, this article is missing a very important note: Vista already HAS this touch technology! Surface is running Vista…"

    As someone else pointed out that it is a modified version of Vista not for sale.  And who says that in January Apple will not unveil the addition of a multi-touch based tablet computer running OS X.  Who says that Apple does not have a full version of OS X with multi-touch capabilities back in the lab.  I would bet $100,000,000 they do.  The only difference is that Apple will announce it shortly before they can actually ship it.  Where as Microsoft will announce it years before the product ships and then strip the feature right before launch.

    And I am pretty sure that Microsoft and Apple "stole" the multi-touch idea from someone else.

  47. Aron Volt says:

    You’re gonna do something better then Apple. Right. We believe you. But then, we think "Vista", and we laugh and laugh and laugh…

    We guffaw, we snicker, we holler and hoot. You microsofties are so funny when you pretend to be earnest!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the future of personal computing is already happening. And it’s not on your platform.

  48. don williams says:

    Well, as I commented on a rebuttal posting, I think that you are bragging a little too soon.

    Apple’s ‘Multi-Touch’ as seen on the iPhone is not all there is to ‘Multi-Touch’ as there is a lot that wasn’t revealed and won’t be until Steve Jobs see fit.

    The main point is that by the time Windows 7 rears its head in the next 3 to 7 years, or whatever, Apple’s Multi-Touch will continue to get better and better and as Steve said, "They intend to enforce the more than 200 patents its holds on the iPhone including Multi-Touch. Multi-Touch patents goes back far longer than Jeff Hann’s and Microsoft’s starting with Fingerworks that Apple bought lock, stock and barrel. I think that a lot of what we saw in ‘Surface’ could, in fact, violate many of Fingerwork’s patents, or should I say, Apple’s?

    By the time Window 7 arrives, a much more ‘beefier’ Multi-Touch would have been already on the marketplace, so please…. stop bragging because, as they say, ‘pride goes before a fall!’

    As I said, I agree with the rebuttal in ‘The Small Wave’ blog which can be found here:


  49. I have used a demo Microsoft Surface device and it is truly amazing. Multiple users being able to paint on one screen at the same time is very awesome, especially for families. However, getting that to fit in a laptop sized device will be no small task. The device I used was the size of an old hope chest.

  50. Geoff Coffey says:

    So what you’re saying is that a Windows version released in, like, 2015 will blow away the v1.0 iphone released 8 years earlier. Wow. You dudes set your sights high.

  51. Al says:

    Well, I for one will welcome our new "touch features"-using overlords.


  52. a Martin says:

    LieBuster wrote:

    "…just like they stole their Leopard ideas from Vista…"


    Example please!

  53. DWalla says:

    The new tough is going to blow away the iPhone… just like Zune has totally blown away the iPod and now dominates the market.

    Welcome to the social!

  54. Rob Moir says:

    Even if you’re right in what you say, I think the majority of the comments you have received so far may be a clue that now would have been a good time for less talk and more do.

    Given the claims made for Longhorn compared with what was actually delivered in Win XP R2 ^h^h^h^h^h Vista, don’t you think that the credibility gap for Microsoft employees talking about the next version of Windows might just be a little stretched at the moment?

  55. DWalla says:

    The new touch in Windows 7 is going to blow away the iPhone… just like Zune has totally blown away the iPod and now dominates the market.

    Welcome to the social!

  56. def says:

    The sad thing is even if MS in the dim way off future only matches Apple’s multi-touch which is available today, Pc heads and PC reviewers will crow that it is most wonderful thing since sliced bread.

    Look at the original windows, a pale clone to the Mac os at the time. Look at the Zune only matching ipod CLASSIC!, look at vista inferior even to generation ago TIGER. And yet all these 4-5 star reviews of the MS offerings! like the "Zune is the ipod killer". Remember when Windows first came out  PC press screaming: "WOW! a GRAPHICAL interface! An unbelievable MS breakthrough!" ignoring that Apple had it for years.

    Face it, today MS is just NOT an innovation company.

    Today Google beats MS search. Leopard wipes the floor with Vista. Ipod Touch makes Zune soooo yesterday. The Wii is more innovative than Xbox (only good thing about the freeze prone box is the games and even Bungie bailed ship).

  57. Robbie says:

    Buy new MS stuff to see what technology was a few years ago – MS version of TIME MACHINE.

  58. BaFa says:

    Uhm, are you really bragging about your in development desktop OS comparing it to Apple’s <em>handheld</em> OS?

    Sheesh. I thought Microsoft’s credibility was bad enough as is.

  59. Ed says:

    So my question to all of you would be this.

    Have any of you played with windows 7?

    If you haven’t be a more advisable to simply state, about time Microsoft, good luck because the bar has been set high by a good product and we will be keeping a close and sometimes untrusting eye on you.

    And to all the Apple fans let me say this, no one knows what lurks in the labs of a company whose budget for research out shines those of many a small country, don’t be so sure that the Os we know today as windows, will all ways be so unpalatable to all of you. Remember that for a time Aplle had the world at its feet and they couldn’t deliver the goods so the job was then given to Another and they have done fairly well for themselves.

  60. I admire everyone who’s managed to comment on this claim; for myself, I don’t even think it’s worth mocking. Nobody in their right mind could POSSIBLY believe it.

  61. curtegg says:

    MS should take some lessons from Apple. Learn to keep your "traps" shut. Apple succeeds at building enthusiasm by keeping mum on upcoming products letting the rumor mills pontificate about what is to come. Also, it would help if MS would actually deliver what they promise on time (although Apple was just as bad delaying their leopard release).

    Vista – still in the cpm world (a registery)…. pooooleeasse. I’ll grant version 1.0 (as was on Mac OS X initial introduction) should have some issues. But I’m sorry, Vista is such a resource pig. At least Mac OS X was able to work on already existing hardware w/o as much of an issue.

    Things I hope MS does for Windows7 (or whatever they end up calling it).

    1) ZFS support. (Mac OS X will be adapting over to zfs within a year, now that Sun has resolve the boot issue). My hat is off to the Sun developers of that amazing file system. Features of WinFS would be useful laid on top of ZFS.

    2) True 32/64 bit API seamless integration. Why hasn’t MS done this, maybe it belies the fact that their OS is such a patchwork they couldn’t pull it off.

    3) EFI support. Come on MS your bios is outdated.

    4) Sell just one client and one server version. Sorry MS your OS capabilities level split that you spoon out to your customers demonstrates how far behind in customer relations you have become relative to Linux and Apple.

  62. JDT says:


    – "I will say that if you are impressed by the "touch features" in the iPhone"… a bit, but this technology has existed for a very long time. We are more impressed is that it is now in a handheld device and it is so easy and intutive and awsome and available! Also, the ‘touch features’ don’t need to be in quotations marks as the iPhone has real touch features. They are not ‘pretend’ features.

    -" you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Will there be another "Wow" marketing campaign? Wow as in "wow, is this the best these guys can deliver"?

    Windows 7 in 2011 will have "better" touch interface than the iPhone from today. Sets the bar high. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    There are a thousand touch-enabled monitors (and therefore touch interface software) out there. I’ve used many back with Windows2000. Many are multi-touch. What the hell are you going to do with multi-touch in an OS if the monitor isn’t touch enabled? How are you going to "blow us away" if the hardware isn’t a "touch" input device? How are you going to blow us away if Apple is still around?


    You are killing me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. ckd says:

    "The future is here. And it’s not an iPhone; it’s a <a href="">big-ass table</a>."

  64. Mike says:

    Wow! Windows 7 is going to have all the power of a handheld operating system!?

    Oh Microsoft, how sad you are…

  65. killingjoke says:

    Smile. You’re on Daring Fireball!

  66. TheWB says:

    If you think that what Windows 7 will be like one day will blow you away at that time,  just wait until you see what iPhone II will be like. It will as advanced beyond Windows 7 as what you might think Windows 7 will be compared with the current iPhone!

  67. rdas7 says:

    I just want to know if it’ll playforsure…

    Honestly, it’s revealing that an MS engineer sees nothing wrong with saying (essentially) don’t buy our current shipping product because we’ve got something even better in the pipeline. I guess they didn’t fire everyone after the launch of the Vista turd.

    I look forward to seeing what you are talking about. I’ve set a reminder in my iPhone for 2020.

  68. Stef says:

    A single contentfree line of verbalized face expression meanwhile counts as a blog entry?

    At least it comes with the first pingback url that doesn’t need an actual blog.


  69. nothanks says:

    this dell looks clunky and brick-ish, like something from 1993. But the background looks nice and mac-ish! surprise!

    When will Windoze/Dell wake up?

  70. Kev Orng says:

    Yes, but will it blend?

    Honestly, I wish MS all the best of luck with Windows 7, and if it’s a quality stable OS that does what I need it to do, I might switch back. After service pack one of course. Competition is always good

    In the meantime, I have to wonder, why all the emerging buzz about Windows 7? Not just here, I’m seeing it come up a lot.  Vista is less than a year out of the gate, shouldn’t you be pushing Vista?

    Cause it’s convinced me to keep my PC on XP until Windows 7.  I was waiting for Vista SP1, but XP is stable and it can keep doing what it’s doing for another two years.

    Best thing about this post is it helps ensure my next macbook will be multitouch

  71. H. says:

    From this blog, it sounds like the Microsnot folks were impressed by the touch features of the iPhone and hope to catch up in some future edition of the MS-OS (MS-OS7?)

    Oh, Geez, the next Windoze is going to trump the iPod.  What kind of accomplishment is that?

    And Dell is selling Ubuntu…  go figure.

  72. I look foward to Ray Ozzie running the company and Microsoft 2.0 versus The World Has Moved On. Perhaps Ozzie will sell Microsoft to IBM too ….

    This blog post must be market research link-bait, surely?

    The comments are priceless though, literally ROFL. Where are the astroturfers?! Microsoft needs you here, posting! Look at the mess of truth above!

  73. Chris Lowe says:

    So the next Windows OS, in 2010 (plus delays) is going to blow away Apple’s 2007 technology.

    Let me make a prediction – every mobile phone maker is going to have the technology in 2010 to blow away Apple’s 2007 technology.

    Let’s hope that Apple somehow manage to innovate beyond their 2007 technology by 2010.

    Really – what is the point of comparing 2007 technology with 2010 technology?

  74. joe sixpack says:

    amazing, I can’t wait for it to be pre-installed on every computer out there, thanks to MS sales force…

    … just wondering what will happen when finaly, MS unfair tying is prohibited. I give the company a couple of years of life, and you all guys will have to look for some new job. sad, sad.

  75. Microsoft had a really busy week this week. Unfortunately, it coincided with an IPv6 class I was taking

  76. DWalla says:

    Hey Ed…. you ask if any of us have used Windows 7. Typical Windows-user response… "wait for the next version… they’ve been dumping loads of R&D money into it, etc."

    Have you ever used Vista? I guess they didn’t dump loads of money into that one or else it would have been a better OS.

  77. Josh says:

    I’d definitely have to agree with Manifold on this.  Don’t you guys have better things to do than pick apart innocuous statements made by test engineers?

  78. Me says:

    Is this blog about cool computers to come, like the ModBook ( ?

    Too bad it is already on the market by the time M$ has the technology in alpha. When Apple updates Leopard in a future update (I think in 2 years or so), there will be a touchscreen MacBook (called: TouchBook, because that’s what it is) as well.

    I don’t want to discourage the M$ dev team for Tab’s, but that’s the reality the past has taught us.

    Anyway, good luck with playing around with codes etc. And don’t forget to run your DVD-recorder in august 2009, because it will be then when Steve Jobs shows and anounces the Touchbook with an interesting KeyNote presentation.

  79. Chris says:


    What’s innocuous about trying to undercut a currently shipping, quality product by claiming you’re going to top it?

    That’s what Microsoft did to Netscape in 1994 when they announced IE along with a promise to give it away. The only difference is that back then people believed them, so Netscape could no longer charge a fair price for what was at the time the best browser on the planet. It didn’t matter that it would take another 5 years for IE to actually top Netscape’s 1994 version of Navigator! The damage was done. That’s not what I’d call innocuous.

  80. There have been quite a few blogs that picked up on Hilton Locke’s post on Windows 7’s new features.

  81. There have been quite a few blogs that picked up on Hilton Locke’s post on Windows 7’s new features.

  82. Bargod101 says:

    Amazing how many apple fanboyz are trolling Tablet PC sites.  Doesn’t that break you Mac "Terms of Use"…

  83. Jack says:

    What a bunch of whining loosers you guys are.  If you hate Microsoft so much why are you even bothering to comment in this blog. Get a life…

    I find it interesting that someone in Microsoft shares any information about "Windows 7" at all.

  84. James says:

    Haha, it’s like the Longhorn hype all over again…

    Yawn. Don’t tell us we’ll be blown away, have the product do that instead.

  85. anon says:

    I think by the time the boys in Redmond get their act together  to demo Windows 7, shipping products from  companies like Apple and Google will be years ahead in their technology while Microsoft will still be playing catch-up.

    BTW, that DELL tablet looks hideous.  Could DELL cut any more corners please?

  86. Peter says:

    Some of the comments on here are insane. Hilton is obviously on the Tablet PC team and I can only assume that his comments are related to the Tablet PC components that are going to ship in Windows 7. I’ve seen some crazy web reports that seem to read his post here as some sort of indication that Microsoft is putting iPhone-esque technology into Windows 7. Wake up, fanboys! That’s an insane reading of the post. MS has been shipping fantastic, better-than-OSX touch-tech as part of Tablet PC for *ages* now. This post is just saying "we’re going to make the Tablet PC touch technology even better with Windows 7". Geez…

  87. Mr-Dutch says:


    Is this serious?

    I can still see the look on Mr Balmers face about the iPhone.

    And now, they want to do the same thing. Only with Vienna.

    I think that MS doesn’ need to go to the keynote of Apple.

    But hey, for the rest of MS. Good luck copying. You guys did a great job with Windows 1.0 till now.

  88. Hurmoth says:

    As long as the prices are as expensive as what Dell is bringing this tablet out for (start price at $2500), then Tablet will never take off. No one wants to pay that kind of price no matter how awesome the technology is.

  89. Ix says:

    Just worth mentioning for all the people talking about who copied who. The MS Surface is based off of an open source project that’s been going on for a while, but remained kind of unpopular since you’d have to build the machine yourself, this project also was likely a source of inspiration for the iPhone. The difference is that the iPhone is tiny and works, the open source projects are large and work (and can be totally customized if you can write a program to do it on the touch interface), the Surface is large and *might* work. It’s also worth considering that judging from the amount of work already done by others and how far along MS is at this point it looks like they didn’t do anything before Apple made the iPhone.

    The rest is just logical conclusions. Apple saw a good idea, improved on it, MS saw Apple’s better idea and tried to do the same thing but failed.

  90. We’ve been noting more and more signals that multitouch screens are catching on beyond the iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ve recently seen a hint from Microsoft and a Walt Mossberg overview in the Wall Street Journal. And there’s a high-profile…

  91. Spraakherkenning, handschriftherkenning en multitouchtechnologie moeten de klassieke invoerapparatuur

  92. TabBlogger says:

    Well, it’s about time for me to blog again. My privileges were suspended following that last posting

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